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Joel Osteen Sermon : Stay Thirsty

    Joel Osteen Sermon Stay Thirsty : The lead pastor of Lakewood Church and the founder of Joel Osteen Ministries, Pastor Joel Osteen has shares this educative message titled ”Stay thirsty”. This is a message you will really love to listen to.

    Preaching on this sermon, Pastor Joel Osteen said, If you want to see favor, you have to stay thirsty for the dreams God put in your heart. You may not see it yet, but what He promised is going to come to pass.

    In this sermon, Joel Osteen emphasizes the importance of having a thirst for more in life. He encourages his listeners to have a thirst for more success, more blessings, more joy, and more fulfillment. He believes that we should never settle for mediocrity or complacency in our lives, but instead, we should always strive to be the best version of ourselves.

    According to Joel Osteen, having a thirst for more in life requires a certain mindset. We must have an attitude of expectancy, always believing that the best is yet to come. We must be willing to take risks, step out of our comfort zones, and pursue our dreams and goals with passion and determination.

    Joel Osteen also emphasizes the importance of being grateful for what we already have while still striving for more. He believes that having an attitude of gratitude attracts more blessings and abundance into our lives. He encourages his listeners to count their blessings, focus on the positive aspects of their lives, and trust that God has even greater things in store for them.

    Throughout his sermon, Joel Osteen uses stories and examples from his own life and the lives of others to illustrate his points. He shares how he started his church with only a few people and a small budget but maintained a thirst for growth and expansion that has led to its tremendous success today. He also shares stories of people who overcame great obstacles and achieved success through their perseverance and thirst for more.

    In conclusion, Joel Osteen’s sermon “Stay Thirsty” is a powerful reminder that we should never settle for less in life. We should maintain a sense of hunger and thirst for more success, more blessings, more joy, and more fulfillment. With an attitude of expectancy, gratitude, and determination, we can achieve great things and live our best lives.

    kindly watch and learn from this ”Joel Osteen Sermon Stay Thirsty” and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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    Watch Joel Osteen Sermon Stay Thirsty

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