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Joel Osteen Sermon : Peaceful On Purpose

    Joel Osteen Sermon Peaceful On Purpose : Here is another highly inspiring and insightful sermon by the lead pastor of Lakewood Church and the founder of Joel Osteen Minbistries, Televangelist Joel Osteen titled ”Peaceful on Purpose”.

    Be rest assured that this is one of Joel Osteen’s sermon that will motivate, encourage and educate you.

    Preaching on this sermon, Pastor Joel Osteen said, We’re not supposed to go through life weighted down by worry, stress and anxiety. Let Joel show you how to make God bigger than your circumstance in this practical message. As you release your cares to God and enter into His rest, you will live life with greater joy, ease and fulfillment.

    Jesus said in Matthew 6:34, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have enough worries of its own.”

    Are you waiting for your circumstances in life to line up just right before you’ll have peace? Well, you may be waiting your whole life then! Because the truth is, life is full of ups and downs. Every day we have opportunities to get upset, be worried and live offended. Many people live life worried each day, but most often, these worries never even happen. Instead, all worry does is rob us of our joy, creativity and focus. But Joel wants to show you that there’s a better way to live.

    In his sermon “Peaceful On Purpose,” Joel Osteen exhorts listeners to make peace in their lives a priority.
    He emphasizes that by making a deliberate effort, peace can be attained and sustained.

    Televangelist Joel Osteen starts off by talking about how we all want serenity, but many of us are unaware that it is attainable.
    He explains that God has promised to give us peace, and that if we put up the effort, we can choose to have it.

    He then talks about how peace is not only an emotional or spiritual state, but it is also a practical way of living. He encourages us to make time each day to take care of ourselves and to practice selfcare so that we can be in the right state of mind to receive Gods peace.

    Joel Osteen then goes on to discuss how peace can help us in our daytoday lives. He explains how it can help us manage our stress and anxiety, and how it can help us make better decisions. He also talks about how it can give us perspective and help us to be more patient and understanding.

    Pastor Osteen exhorts us to find our serenity and to make a conscious effort to maintain it.
    He tells us that God is the source of our serenity and that if we give our life to Him, we will be able to enjoy it.
    He also exhorts us to take care of ourselves and make time for the things that make us happy and peaceful.

    Overall, “Peaceful On Purpose” by Joel Osteen serves as a motivating reminder for us to prioritize peace in our lives.
    We can experience God’s peace and joy in our lives if we make a conscious effort to do so.

    kindly watch and learn from this ”Joel Osteen Sermon Peaceful On Purpose” and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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