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Joel Osteen Sermon : Keep Digging

    Joel Osteen Sermon : Keep Digging : Lakewood church lead pastor, Joel Osteen has come through with this inspiring and life changing message of the Gospel titled ”Keep Digging” and it is a message you cannot afford to miss.

    Teaching on this sermon ”Keep Digging”, Pastor Osteen said, If God allowed a door to close, it’s because He has something better on the way. Keep moving forward; you’re on the verge of breakthrough.

    our story doesn’t end in defeat, in injustice, in being overlooked, taken advantage of. Those bad breaks are setting you up for victory.

    God will never let something be taken away unless He has something greater coming. Will you let it go so you can come into a bigger blessing?

    Keep doing the right thing when the wrong thing happens. Keep taking the high road. Keep believing, keep praying, keep trusting. God is still ordering your steps.

    Watch Pastor Joel Osteen sermon ”Keep Digging” below:

    Video credit : Joel Osteen Youtube

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