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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON IF YOU WANT TO SEE GOD’S PROMISES FULFILLED IN YOUR LIFE : Today pastor Joel Osteen talks to us about mix your faith, he said, doubt doesn’t activate the power, talking about how it’s not going to happen, how big the obstacles are, how you’re at a disadvantage that’s going to keep you from your destiny, why don’t you start mixing in faith, when you believe, angels go to work, when you believe supernatural doors will open, when you believe, you’ll defeat giants, when you believe, you’ll accomplish dreams much bigger than you thought.

    God has given us all these powerful promises in the scripture promises that say we will live an abundant life, we will be healthy and whole we can do all things through Christ on and on, hundreds of promises of favor, increase, restoration but as powerful as these promises are, as encouraging and inspiring as they can be by themselves, these promises won’t do you any good on their own, you won’t see any change, they’re just nice encouraging words.

    you have to add an ingredient that activates the power, there’s something you have, when you put it with the promise, that’s what makes it come alive and become what God said.

    Hebrews 4 says the word did not profit them not being mixed with faith when they heard it. These people heard the promises God tell them they were going to overcome opposition, defeat enemies and make it into the promised land, he told them they would live in houses that they didn’t build and have vineyards that they didn’t plant but just because God promised it, doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to happen.

    He throws the promise out like a seed, what kind of ground is it going to fall on? some people hear the promise that God is restoring health back unto them instead of mixing faith they think, I’ll never get well, did you see the medical report they’re mixing something the problem is it’s the wrong thing they’re mixing doubt, mixing unbelief, that’s why God’s word did not profit them, profit means they didn’t see increase, they didn’t overcome the challenge, they didn’t have the favor not because God wasn’t able, not because the promise lost its power, it’s because the promise wasn’t mixed with faith.

    God brought the Israelites out of slavery, he parted the red sea, drowned their enemies, they made it to the Promised Land, they were camped next door, you would think they would be full of faith, ready to take the land knowing that God brought them through in the past and he would bring them through this time.

    Moses sent 12 men to spy out the promised land, 10 of them came back and said we don’t have a chance, the people are too big, we felt like grasshoppers compared to them. God had already promised them the victory, he’d already told them the land was theirs they just had to go in and possess it, they had the promise, God had spoken to them but the promise alone is not enough.

    Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to know that God does his part then he waits to see what we’re going to do, what are you going to mix with the promise, there’s only one ingredient that activates the power, only one ingredient that ignites what God said and that’s faith.


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