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Joel Osteen Sermon : If You Only Knew

    Joel Osteen Sermon If You Only Knew : Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood church and the husband of Victoria Osteen has come through with this inspiring and life changing sermon titled ”If You Only Knew”.

    God knows how to redeem everything you’ve been through. If you’ll stay in faith, He will work everything out in your favor.

    We all go through disappointments in life, things we don’t understand. Sometimes we makes mistakes, bring troubles on ourselves. it is easy to get discouraged and lose our passion. But one thing is sure, God won’t allow anything that will happen and keep us from our purpose.  He is already taking into account every bad break, every person that walked away, every mistake.

    What we cannot see as human is how God is working behind the scenes. Sometimes God has to close a door so he can open a bigger door. He moves a person out of your life because he or she is limiting your growth.

    What looks like a disappointment is actually the hand of God ordering your step.

    God knows every mistake we are going to make. For every failure, he already line up restoration and another chance.

    Kindly Watch, Listen and meditate on the word of God in this sermon by Joel Osteen titled ”If You Only Knew” and be rest assured that the word of God herein will transform your life and turn every situation for the best.

    Credit: Joel Osteen  Youtube

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