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Joel Osteen Sermon – I Declare

    Joel Osteen Sermon I Declare : The lead pastor of Lakewood Church and the founder of Joel Osteen Ministries, Pastor Joel Osteen has come through with this amazing and inspiring sermon titled ”I declare”.

    This is one of tgose Joel Osteen’s sermon filled with powerful declaration that you cannot afford to miss.

    Preaching on this sermon, Victoria Osteen’s husband, Joel Osteen said, If you want to reach your full potential, start declaring what God says about you. You are blessed, favored and anointed!

    You may have been through disappointments, things haven’t worked out, but I declare things are about to turn in your favor. I declare unexpected blessings.

    God is saying to you today, “You are blessed. You are favored. You are strong, talented, valuable, free. You have greatness in you. You are destined to leave your mark, to make the world a better place. You’re about to shine; you’re about to see favor in greater ways.”

    Jesus spoke the blessing; He declared favor and influence. Don’t talk yourself out of this favor. Don’t think of all the reasons this can’t happen for you.

    I declare that you are blessed!
    —I declare you are blessed with wisdom, that you have a clear direction, that you will make good choices in life.
    —I declare you are blessed with courage, with strength, with great vision, with an obedient heart, and with a positive outlook.
    —I declare you are blessed with good health, with vitality, with energy, that you will live a long, satisfying life.
    —I declare you are blessed with a good family, good friends, healthy relationships, that your children will be mighty in the land.
    —I declare you are blessed with protection; God is guarding you, guiding you, and angels are watching over you and your family.
    —I declare you are blessed with promotion, with success, with good ideas, with creativity. If you will let these words take root, if you will receive them into your spirit, they are going to put you on a path to greater joy, better health, stronger relationships, to new levels of your destiny.
    Kindly watch/listen, meditate on , learn from this Pastor Joel Osteen sermon ”I Declare” and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart, grant you all your heart desires and give you the grace to live in accordance with his words.

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    Watch Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon ”I Declare”

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