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Joel Osteen sermon: How To Heal From The Pain (Inspiration)

    Joel Osteen sermon How To Heal From The Pain: if you are going to fulfil your destiny, you have to get good at letting things go, Jesus said  offences will come, he did not say they might come or that if you are a nice person it wont come. he said disappointments will come, betrayals will come, things that are not fair will happen to you but how you deal with these offences and how you deal with the hurt will determine whether you move forward and see the new things God has planned for you or whether you get stuck and bitter over what did not work for you.

    If you do not heal from emotional wounds, you will bleed on people that had nothing to do with it. how many people are living wounded over how they were raised, a friend that walked away or business partner that cheated them and instead of letting it go, they replay it in their mind, relive all the hurt. they wonder why they have do not have good relationship, it is because they have not healed, they are living out of a wounded place, God brings them a new person, somebody great but they are so insecure, they do not feel valuable, supportive or attractive. This new person has to keep doing things, and even go over board to make sure they know how great they are.

    The  problem is, thats not sustainable, until you let go of the hurt, that wound is going to hinder you wherever you go. If you are still offended over a position you lost, then you will go to that new company defensive, on edge, not friendly, you are treating them based on what you went through but they had nothing to do with it.

    Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to understand that it is much more freeing when we learn to let things go. it was not fair but that’s  okay, God will be you vindicator, he will take care of who did you wrong. its not your job to pay people back, if they hurt you once, do not let them continue to hurt you by holding on to it. you lost a loved one and that is very painful, it is okay to go through a season of mourning but you cant hold on to the hurt, living in mourning, is going to keep the new doors from opening. You have to heal so that you can see the new opportunities. in the scripture, peter asked Jesus how often he should forgive a person who offends him and Jesus said 70*7. it was not really about the number, Jesus was showing us a principle, he was saying i want you to live in a continual process of forgiveness, its not something we should do every once in a while, but something we must do on a daily basis.

    Forgiveness should be a part of our lives, this is a system Jesus set in place to help us get past the hurt and disappointments. the quicker we let things go, the easier it is. as long as we are able to apply this principle of forgiveness Jesus taught us, we will be better than okay.

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