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Joel Osteen sermon : Friends With Faith

    Joel Osteen sermon Friends With Faith: Today Joel Osteen talks to us about friends with faith. It’s great to have faith for yourself, to believe for your dreams, to speak victory over your life, pray for your healing but God didn’t give you faith just for you. There will be people you encounter that feel overwhelmed, they’re dealing with a sickness, going through a loss, difficulty in a relationship, maybe at one time they believed, they were strong, they knew they could beat it, but now they’re too discouraged, they’ve lost their passion.

    The way they’re going to see a breakthrough is not through their faith, but through the faith of a friend. You can be the one that steps up and believes for them, you can encourage them, you can pray for them, you can speak healing, favor, victory over their life.

    Its easy to say I’m all for believing for my dreams, pursuing my goals, taking steps to reach my destiny, but we should not want to just be focused on ourselves. We must realize we have much more to offer, we want to be friends with faith. We want to push someone else into his or her destiny, we want to lift someone that has fallen and doesn’t have the strength to get back up, we want to encourage someone that’s down, speak hope into their spirit, bring them dinner one night, pay their rent.

    Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to know that there’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone else move forward. You can’t give God something that he won’t give you more back in return. You give your faith, and God will give you more faith, you give your time to help others, God will give you more time, you give your encouragement, God will keep you encouraged.

    Sometimes you need borrowed faith. When you’re too discouraged, too tired, been through too much, that’s okay; God will have friends with faith that are there for you, someone to call you to let you know they’re praying, someone to come visit you with an encouraging word, someone to go to God on your behalf, their prayers will touch heaven for you.

    If you need a friend today, you feel like you don’t have faith for yourself, God has you hearing this to remind you to be a friend with faith, to not just have faith for yourself, but let someone borrow your faith. Reach out to that coworker that’s discouraged; go visit that neighbor that went through a loss. Maybe it’s a relative, they’ve given up on their dream, and they’ve seen doors closed; now they don’t believe anymore, God is counting on you to be a friend with faith, step in and believe for them while they can’t believe, speak victory into their life remind them that God is still on the throne, that what he started he’s going to finish.

    You can be the one that pushes them past the discouragement that lifts them back on their feet, that causes the creator of the universe to shine down favor, healing, and victory. Will you let someone borrow your faith? Will you stand in the gap while they’re off course, not making good decisions?



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