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Go To The Place of Blessing – Joel Osteen Today’s Word 12 September 2021

    Joel Osteen Sermon for today Go To The Place of Blessing  : Joel Osteen teaches us today, that we all need our earthly father’s blessings and affirmations. Fathers have a special kind of blessing to give their children that no other person can give. The reason behind the struggle of some adults today is the fact that their fathers never for once blessed them or told them how amazing they are or how proud they have made you .It feels different when these words are said by others.

    He went further to say that fathers have the GOD GIVEN AUTHORITY to bless their child. Every time a father tells his child good words like, they are beautiful and tells them how amazing they are, God releases confidence, values, strength and security upon them.

    These good words spoken by  fathers, are not just words, they are referred to as the blessing. This blessings are to be released upon the children often and frequently, its not right to assume they know that you are proud of them, its also not right to be too busy for them. You are the father and you carry this blessing, its important not to withhold this blessing.

    It does not matter if you were not given this blessing by your own father; maybe because he was not alive, or all he did was correct you and tell you all you are doing wrong, do not let that continue in your generation, set a new standard, let your children know that you are their number one fan, do not pass up an opportunity to express your love to them and make them feel great. start blessing out your children, start calling out their destinies.

    contrary to the popular opinion that hugging your kids and being so free with them makes you look weak, pastor Joel Osteen makes us to understand that real men, love their children, hug their children, express emotions to their children and many more good stuffs.

    Fathers are advised to release the blessing which God has given them the authority to release upon their children, and see how this in turn will lead to an improvement of the world one person a time or one family a time.



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