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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON BE COMFORTABLE NOT KNOWING : Pastor Joel Osteen talks to us today on the title “be comfortable not knowing”, we all face situations where we don’t see how they’re going to work out, we look at the facts, the figures, the reports, the odds are against us. We do our best to come up with a plan, to find some kind of solution, we think we have to have the answer or it’s not going to happen, but there are some things God doesn’t want us to know.

    He has the solution, but if he showed you right now, it wouldn’t take any faith, if you could see how your child is going to turn out, the doors God’s going to open for you, the favor, the provision, the healing, it would be easy to believe. The test comes when we don’t know the answer, when we don’t see how it’s going to happen. Thoughts tell us, “how are you going to make it after you retire? What if you don’t get that scholarship? What if your health doesn’t improve?”

    The problem is sometimes there is no logical solution. The more we try to reason it out, the more discouraged we get, thinking, “what am i going to do?” but this is what faith is all about. You have to be comfortable not knowing, you don’t have to figure it out, you don’t have to come up with a plan, it’s okay not to know.

    When Moses led the 2 million Israelites out of slavery into the desert, they were headed toward the Promised Land, very excited; God had just brought them out of years of captivity. I can imagine someone asking Moses, “Where are we going to camp in the desert?” Moses said, “i don’t know.” “Where are we going to get food?” “i don’t know.” “Where is the water supply?” “i don’t know.” “Moses, what route are we going to take?” “I don’t know.” they could have thought, “Moses, what kind of leader are you?” but just because you don’t know doesn’t mean God doesn’t have a plan.

    Moses was comfortable not knowing he had such a trust in God, he didn’t have to understand how everything was going to work out, he didn’t have to have all the details, he took it one step at a time and sometimes we think it’s a lack of faith to say, “i don’t know.” we think we have to have it all figured out, take the pressure off.

    Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to understand that you don’t have to know, God knows, he has you in the palm of his hand, he’s directing your steps, the scripture says God has planned out all of your days. He has a blueprint for your life, here is the catch: God doesn’t give us the details. he showed you all he has in store, you’d not only be amazed, it would not only excite you, but when you saw what it would take to get there, the giants you’re going to face, the closed doors, the times you have to stretch, you might say, “that’s okay, God. i’ll stay where i am


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