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Joel Osteen Motivational: Your Destiny Outweighs Your History

    Joel Osteen Motivational: Your Destiny Outweighs Your History :  Kindly listen to this amazing and inspiring motivational message by Pastor Joel Osteen of  Lakewood Church Houston Texas.

    This message has a lot of lessons that will inspire , motivate and uplift your spirit and thus highly recommended for our spiritual growth and development.

    Before you see dreams come to pass, before you see healing, promotion, restoration, don’t be surprised if you find obstacles, disappointments, setbacks. That’s a test. Are you going to get discouraged, give up, or are you going to have “I still believe” faith?

    When you don’t see a way out, you’ll be tempted to complain. No, turn it around and praise Him for who He is. “Lord, I praise You that You’re bigger than this sickness. I praise You that You’re stronger than this addiction. I praise You that You’re greater than this trouble.”

    If you’ll change that image of low self-esteem, being inferior, you’ll change your life. If you’ll have the right inner vision and see yourself as strong, talented, anointed, favored, with a bright future, then you’ll reach the fullness of your destiny.

    Listen Joel Osteen’s motivational ”Your Destiny Outweighs Your History” below

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