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10 Perfect and Most Inpiring Quotes to Build Your Faith Today – Joel Osteen

    Joel Osteen Motivational quotes today December 17 2022:

    Faith is the fulcrum of the Christian life. A faithless Christian is a powerfless Christian. Faith is believing regardless of circumstances. Believing in the supremacy of God and his ability to do all things is the basic definistion of faith.

    As a Christian, it is important to pursue everything that will build and develop our faith everyday. Sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations, making us feel worried, confused, depressed etc. It is important for every Christian to understand that trials, difficulties etc are tests of our faith. God will never abandone us, he will never allow us to be consumed by circumstances. No matter the situation we find ourselves any time, any day, we must endeavor to keep praying to God and believing that he has the power to change every situation for better.

    Kindly Build and develop your faith stroonger today with the below faith and spirit lifting quotes

    1. You can have the talent to take you somewhere, but if you don’t have the character—if you’re not willing to forgive, if you’re allowing things that you know are not God’s best—that will keep you from your destiny.
    2. Because you keep God first place, you’re going to go from running out to running over, from not enough to more than enough. Your latter days will be better than your former days.
    3. Don’t let a small thing keep you hidden. Don’t let something that you can easily overcome keep you from seeing the amazing things God has in store.
    4. Do the right thing when it’s hard. Keep a good attitude when people are not treating you right. Go the extra mile when nobody is watching. You may not see anything happening on the outside, but on the inside, God is working. You’re getting prepared to go to new levels.
    5. God has ways we’ve never thought of. His plan for your life is better than your own. What we think is the best, many times, is far less than what God has in mind.
    6. When you learn to change your name back to who you were created to be, all the forces of darkness cannot stop you. You’re a son of strength, a daughter of destiny, equipped and empowered, talented and created, surrounded by God’s favor.
    7. Exodus 19 says, “God brought them out of oppression by carrying them on eagle’s wings.” You may have some oppression: things that are not fair and you don’t understand. Stay encouraged; eagle’s wings are coming. The God who made you is going to carry you.
    8. God is shaking things up to move you out of good and into the best. If He didn’t close those doors, you wouldn’t see the fullness of your destiny.
    9. The scars don’t have to remind you of the pain; they can remind you of the greatness of God. Look where you are now; the enemy wasn’t able to take you out. Sure, you have a scar. It hurt, it was painful, but now you’ve come through healed, restored, vindicated, blessed.
    10. You shouldn’t fight every closed door, people that do you wrong, seasons that slow down. These things have to happen for you to see the best, for you to see greater favor and greater influence.
    11. There are seasons when you’ll come to the end and run out of a good thing. That’s okay. When you can’t figure out a solution, that’s when God steps in.
    12. When you’ve run out of options, when you don’t have anymore, that’s when God shows up and gives you the best. That’s when He does more than you can imagine. The best is not behind you; the best is next.
    13. People can’t stop your destiny; closed doors can’t stop your purpose; bad breaks can’t keep you from what God has ordained.
    14. Oftentimes, before it gets brighter, it gets darker. Before we see more than enough, we go through a season of not enough. There are times the good has to come to an end to make room for the best.
    15. God never does His greatest feats in your yesterdays; they are always in your future. The Scripture says, “The path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter.” What God has in front of you is more fulfilling, more rewarding than anything you’ve seen in the past.

    Thank you for reading Joel Osteen motivational quotes today December 17 2022.

    Credit: Joel Osteen Twitter

    As a Christian, let you major target everyday be,  to get closer to God, build your faith, help the needy and put smiles on the faces of others . If you can achieve this everyday, then nothing that you ask God that he won’t do for you, provided that is in line with his plans for you.

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