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Pastor Joel Osteen Easter Sermon : It’s Already Defeated (April 10 2023)

    Joel Osteen Easter Sermon It’s Already Defeated : The lead pastor Lakewood church and the founder of Joel Osteen Ministries, Pastor Joel Osteen has come through with this amazing, inspiring, educative and spirit lifting Easter message of hope titled ” It’s Already Defeated”.

    Preaching on this sermon, the famous American televangelist and the husband of Victoria Osteen, Joel Osteen said, What you’re up against has already been defeated. Because you belong to God, nothing can keep you from His promises.

    The power in you is greater than any power that’s coming against you. If you were on your own, it would be a problem, but you’re not on your own. The Most High God is with you.

    Have the right perspective: whatever enemies you face—enemies of fear, enemies of depression, enemies of poverty, enemies of insecurity—they have already been defeated. Now here’s the key, if you don’t realize this, you can let a defeated enemy keep you from your destiny.

    We didn’t defeat the enemy; Jesus defeated him. But because we belong to Christ, His victory is our victory. Because He lives, we can live. Because He rendered the enemy powerless, we can walk in freedom.

    Here’s the beauty, because you belong to God, because you’re His child, you have already defeated the enemy. Anything you face in life, you need to see it as defeated. Don’t pray for victory; pray from victory. “Father, thank You that I am free.”
    The battle has already been won. Two thousand years ago, when Jesus came up out of the grave, He defeated everything that could hold you back. He took care of it once and for all.

    kindly watch and learn from this ”Joel Osteen Easter Sermon It’s Already Defeated” and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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    Watch Joel Osteen Easter Sermon ”It’s Already Defeated”

    Video Credit : Joel Osteen Youtube

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