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Overcoming weariness – Joel Osteen Daily Devotion

    Joel Osteen Daily Devotion Overcoming weariness –  One challenge we all must face as we go through life is the challenge of weariness. Weariness means to loose sense of pleasure and to not feel the enjoyment that we are supposed to. It is possible that you might be raising great children but not enjoying them because you are weary, you are not enjoying them, it could also be that we have our dream job but we have lost the passion for it because we have grown weary. the reason could be because, the battle is taking longer than we thought, we become weary. When the difficulty is becoming longer, we become weary.

    When the enemy cannot take us down, they come to make us weary. So many people are suffering from battle fatigue, they have been standing for a long time, they have been praying for kids for a long time, promotion and many other thing but now they are about to give up.

    In Galatians, Paul tells us not to get weary in well doing, this means that God knew there will be weariness, he knew that it was possible that we were doing the right things and not getting any results, pastor Joel Osteen encourages us and tells us that our time is coming and that our due season is on the way, we should not let time talk us out of it or discouragement. do not let your mind give you excuses, do not dwell on the negative thought. weariness cannot automatically come, it creeps in slowly and gently until it over powers you.

    Therefore whenever that little negative thought comes in, we are asked to shut the door on it and not give in, speak to that negative thought and tell it your time is on the way because our God is watching and when the moment is right, he will grant us our desires.


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