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Activate Strength – Joel Osteen Daily devotion

    Joel Osteen Daily devotion Activate Strength: for so long some of us have been holding on, we have been praying and nothing is changing, we feel like we are at the same place we were 10 years ago and now we are tired, we do not feel like we have the strength to raise the children, the strength to fight the illness or the strength to pursue or own dreams, some of us do not have any fights left in us, we feel like we can not do this any more.

    Sometimes we see this weaknesses vas lack of faith but Pastor Joel Osteen teaches us that God does not expect us to be strong all the time, he understands that there will be times where we feel weary and do not feel like we can go on, we prayed, we believed, but nothing has changed now the weight of what we are facing has left us exhausted.

    Pastor Joel Osteen wants us tho know that God does not fault us for being  weak or declining in faith. The scriptures say when we are weak he is strong, when we feel like we are overwhelmed and cant go anymore, he comes in and gives us special strength, a kind of strength we do not get on our own, the strength  to  move forward when we should be stuck, the strength to overcome the addiction and out last the opposition.

    You may feel weak or fatigued today but that is far from your destiny, you are going to run and not be weary, you are going to walk and not faint, there is going to be a strength that is not natural but supernatural. This happened to Elijah in the bible, god gave him special strength, we see this when he out ran the kings chariot on his way to Jezreel, even though there had been famine in the land for over three years and he was hungry. when we have special strength from God we will over come the impossibilities in our lives. we must pray for Gods special strength in our weak moments.


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