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JIMMY EVANS: Biography and everything you need to know about Jimmy Evans

    Pastor Jimmy Evans is a famous preacher and author, he is the chief executive officer (CEO) of marriage today; where he focuses on everything marriage, and he is also a senior pastor at Gateway church. Pastor Jimmy is also is an elder at the Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas.



    Pastor Jimmy Evans was born to his parents on the 8th October 1954, which makes him 68 years old in 2022; he celebrates his birthday on the 8th of October every year.



    Pastor jimmy Evans was born to Mr. Martin Lee Evans his father and Mary Lee Evans his lovely mother.



    Jimmy Evans was born to his parents in USA.



    There is no information concerning pastor Jimmy Evans Siblings, or if he is an only child or his position in the family; he has kept information concerning them private.



    Pastor Jimmy Evans is married to his beautiful wife Karen Evans, the lovely couple have been married for about 48years, they have been married since 1974.



    Pastor Jimmy Evans and his wife Karen Evans have two adult children together; their names are Brent Evans and Julie Evans Albracht,  the couple are also grand parents to five lovely grand children.



    Pastor jimmy Evans got an honorary doctorate in literature from a Christian university in Edmonton, Alberta Canada called Kings University.



    Jimmy Evans is the current senior pastor of Gateway Church in Southlake Texas, he has been the leader of the church for a good number of years, since the 80’s when the church had about 900 members only but currently in 2022, the church has over 10,000 members. Jimmy is also one of the pastors of New Life Church in Colorado Spring; he serves as a supervisor there. He and his wife founded marriage today, it is a marriage ministry, and it also has a television program hosted by himself and his wife, the program has gone far and has lots of view from around the world. The aim of their ministry is to help married people deal with their issues appropriately by sharing their experiences. Pastor Jimmy also runs some programs called Tipping point and overcoming life. Pastor Jimmy is also is an elder at the Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas.

    Pastor Jimmy hosts a weekly television program called The Overcoming Life. The program is one, which is focused on  helping individuals flourish and to also guide them in their faith journey. Pastor Jimmy is also the producer of  a TV program inspired by his book Strengths Based Marriage, broadcast on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), and the show is  co-hosted by Allan Kelsey.



    Marriage Today was founded in 1994, by Jimmy and Karen Evans, Marriage Today is a weekly podcast that is dedicated to equipping families with the teaching and tools they need to succeed in marriage.

    Jimmy Evans and his wife Karen since they founded Marriage today have encouraged and coached thousands of couples toward building rewarding marriages and healthy homes. Jimmy and Karen know firsthand that no marriage is beyond hope. Their own marriage almost ended in divorce, but applying the principles they now teach saved their relationship. After 48 years together, they understand every couple has a 100% chance of success in marriage.

    At marriage today, the aim is to work towards God’s plan of families being able to enjoy the emotional security and fulfilment that strong marriages bring. That’s why He has called our ministry to establish, strengthen, save and restore family and marriage relationships through a Biblical message of healing, restoration, hope, and encouragement.



    Pastor Evans Jimmy’s net worth is between the ranges of 1million Dollars -$10 Dollars, he makes his money from the sales of his books, his church salary, his TV shows, his YouTube channel, and public speaking engagements among others.



    Jimmy is a best selling author and publisher of so many relevant books, he authored the books Marriage on the Rock, Lifelong Love Affair and The Four Laws of Love among others.

    Below are some other lovely books written by Pastor Jimmy Evans:

    • The overcoming life
    • Marriage on the rock
    • The four laws of love
    • Life long love affair
    • Tipping point: the end is here
    • A mindset free
    • Where are the missing people?
    • The right one
    • Our secret paradise
    • Inner healing



    Below are some spirit filling sermons by pastor Jimmy Evans:

    • The secret of lasting passion in marriage
    • The rapture of the church
    • Demonic lies about the rapture
    • What in the world is going on?
    • Preparing for your heavenly reward
    • Disarming anger and resolving conflicts
    • The anti Christ revealed
    • The prophecy for Israel in the end times
    • What the bible says about UFO’s
    • Preparing to rule


    Below are some great quotes to help us with our lives from

    • “For marriage to last, it has to be built on a much greater purpose than the happiness and well-being of two single people. And that purpose has to be greater than any amount of stress and struggle that comes into the marriage.”


    • “It is through giving that we begin to receive. It’s through self-denial that we find the gratification we need.”


    • “People always believe that they are able to be objective, especially when it comes to relationships, yet very few are truly capable of”


    • “People always believe that they are able to be objective, especially when it comes to relationships, yet very few are truly capable of it.”


    • “For marriage to work, couples need to share the same basic views and expectations, have similar value systems, and a compatible set of goals and desires for the future.”


    • “You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.”


    • “For the rest of your life, you must work every day at your marriage for it to be rewarding and healthy.”


    • “The only way to get rid of a problem for good is to solve it—not ignore it or divorce it.”


    • “Defensiveness shuts down honesty and keeps truth from being expressed.”


    • “Plan as though Jesus is not returning for a hundred years and live as though Jesus is returning today.”



    Instagram: @psjimmyevans

    Twitter: @PsJimmyEvans



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