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Jerry Savelle Daily devotional today October 23 , 2021 : SALVATION AND YOUR WORDS

    Jerry Savelle Daily devotional today October 23 , 2021 :


    For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10:10 NKJV)

    The word salvation encompasses all that Jesus has made available to us through His atoning work at the cross: safety, health, prosperity, deliverance, and soundness.

    Jesus has already given you complete salvation, but the level of that salvation that you will actually experience depends on you. Although you can do nothing to earn your health, prosperity, and soundness, you can do something to cause them to manifest in the natural realm.

    Once you believe in your heart that Jesus has already given these things to you, it is necessary that you use your mouth to speak out the truth concerning your salvation. As you speak to the natural realm, the natural realm will change to come in line with the truth that you believe in your heart.

    Many people believe in their heart, but they don’t see their salvation manifested because they neglect to speak it out. If the Word says, “with the mouth confession is made unto salvation,” don’t be surprised if nothing happens when you are silent—or worse, when you speak things that are contrary to the Word.

    When you do what the Word tells you to do, you will get the results the Word says you can have. So speak out what God’s Word has to say about your safety, health, prosperity, deliverance, and soundness—and you will experience the fullness of your salvation.

    Confession: I choose today to speak out and agree with God regarding the salvation that is mine in Christ Jesus. I declare that I walk in divine health every day of my life, I am free of all bondage, I prosper in every area of my life, and I am completely whole—spirit, soul, and body.


    Credit: Above is daily devotional by Jerry Savelle for today 23 October 2021 as contained in his official website ”


    About Pastor Jerry Savelle:

    Jerry Savelle is an American and the president/founder of Jerry Savelle Ministries International. Born on the 24th December 1947, married to Carolyn Savelle with two children name  Terri Savelle Foy and  Jerriann Newton and  a grandchild named Kassidi Cherie Foy.

    Jerry Savelle parents are  Jerry Wallace Savelle, Attie Snow Savelle.

    Jerry Savelle birthday : 24 December

    Jerry Savelle birtyh sign : Capricorn.

    Jerry has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars as of 2020.

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