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Jennifer Leclaire: Breaking the Enemy’s Brainwashing

    Jennifer Leclaire Breaking the Enemy Brainwashing : This is Prophetic Prayer & Prophecy session with Jennifer Leclaire titled “Breaking the Enemy’s Brainwashing” from Awakening House of Prayer in Ft. Lauderdale. This prayer session takes place from Monday through Friday at 6 am ET, 11 am London time, 12 pm CET and 6 pm Singapore time. It is a prophetic prayer experience that will cause your faith to rise for breakthrough and equip you to battle through warfare. She is always around to chat with you at the end of the broadcast.

    It is worthy of note that Jennifer Leclaire has touched many lives positively through her prayer sessions and she has remained extremely devoted in his spread of the gospel aimed towards spiritual growth of people worldwide and soul winning for Christ

    Watch and be blessed by this session with Jennifer Leclaire: “Breaking the Enemy’s Brainwashing”  and stay tuned as we bring the latest messages from pastors across the globe to you.

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