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JENNIE MICHELLE LUSKO: Biography and Everything You Need To Know About Her.


    Jennie Lusko is an American pastor, Author and Motivational Speaker.  She and her husband Levi Lusko lead the Fresh Life Church. Fresh Life Church is a Non-denominational church in Kalispell, Montana, with the core mission of seeing those stranded in sin find life and liberty in Jesus Christ.

    Jennie Lusko Biography


    Jennifer Michelle Lusko well-known by her nickname Jennie Lusko was born on the 12th of January, 1985, in California, United State of America. The California born preacher got her salvation in Christ in her very young age and she has kept the faith till date. According to her, serving God and helping people has been her passion even before she got fully into ministry. She and her husband Levi Lusko met while serving in the youth chapel. Jennie and her husband Levi Lusko later relocated to Montana New Mexico to base their ministry.


    Jennie Lusko was born on the 12th of January 1985 making her 37 years old (2022).  Jennie Marks her birthday on the 12th day of January every year.


    Pastor Jennie Lusko formally known as Jennifer Michelle Yap was born into the family of Antonio P Yap her (grandfather) while her Biological parents are Mike F Yap (father) and Silvia Hendricks Yap (mother). Jennie Lusko also has three siblings, David M yap (brother), Jennifer S Yap and Chelsea Yap (sisters).


    Jennie is happily married to Pastor Levi Lusko. 

    Jennie Lusko Husband Levi Lusko
    Jennie Lusko Husband Levi Lusko

    The couples are the Co-founders of Fresh life Church. Jennie and Levi Lusko met while serving in the Church. They dated  for over five years, before they finally got married on the 16th April, 2004.

    Levi Lusko and Jennie Lusko
    Levi Lusko and Jennie Lusko


    Jennie and her husband Levi Lusko are proud parents of five Children but lost their second child Lenya on the 21st December 2012.  Lenya was born on the 8th of September 2007. Their remaining four children are  Clover Lusko, Alivie Lusko, Daisy Grace Lusko (daughters)  and their fifth child which is a  son, Lennox Alexander Lusko was born some month before the death of Lenya, on the 28 of January, 2012. The Lusko family went through a devastating stage after loosen their daughter Lanya to asthma attack, but they took it with faith as God strengthened them believing that Lenya is resting in heaven with the Lord.

    Jennie Lusko children

    Levi and Jennie Lusko daughter Lenya

    Jennie and her husband Levi Lusko encountered the unexpected in 2012 when their five-year-old daughter Lenya died the week before Christmas.

    The 5-year-old died as a result of a severe asthma attack when the family was wrapping Christmas presents. Lenya’s heart had stopped beating by the time an ambulance came to the Luskos’ Montana home, and she died in her father’s arms.


    The Co-founder of Fresh Life Church Jennie Lusko grew up in the Church all through her young age and she equally gave her life to Christ at a very young age. According to Jennie, all that matters to her was serving God and helping people.  She met her husband Levi Lusko while serving in the youth church. As a Pastor’s son Levi was already ministering to the youth.

    Jennie and her husband Levi Lusko moved to southern California a year after they got married. In 2007, they heard a call to start their own ministry and with the help of divine direction God instructed them to base the ministry in Montana, New Mexico.  Even though it was not convenient from the beginning, they obeyed God , Esatblished Fresh Life Church and based it in Montana.


    Fresh Life Church is a non denominational/ multi-site church located in Montana.  it is one of the fastest growing churches in United State. They have campuses in many locations like; Montana which is the headquarter,  Utah, Oregon and Wyoming, as well as across the world online.

    Fresh Life Church Founder
    Levi and Jennie Lusko of Fresh Life Church

    Their programs are also aired on TBN and many other broadcasting channels. Jennie and Levi took a leap of faith and followed God’s path for them as they have created their own place of worship in Fresh.Life, it’s a place where people come to worship and read the Bible for a deeper relationship with God.

    The core mission of Fresh Life Church is to see those stranded in sin find life and liberty in Jesus Christ.


    Some inspirational sermons by Jennie Lusko

    • The Fragrance of faithfulness
    • Become The Me you were Born to Be
    • Look Up Child
    • Mother-load
    • This is How We Do IT
    • The Flourishing Life You Were Born To Fight for
    • Do You Hear What I Hear


    Jennie Lusko has a book published to her credit. It is an inspirational journal that teaches us to fight and remain strong in the phase of storms, the book is title “The Fight to Flourish: Engaging in the Struggle to Cultivate the Life You Were Born to Live” .

    Jennie wrote the book after the death of their second child (Lenya). it was really a turbulence time for the family but God helped them to overcome the situation. it inspired her to share her experience to others who might have been going through some difficult time of their lives.


    Verifiable Information relating to the exact net worth of Jennie Lusko is currently not available.  However major sources of income is from her pastoral work as the Co-Pastor of Fresh Life Church.


    Find and follow Jennie Lusko On the following social media platforms:

    Twitter: @jennielusko

    Instagram: @jennielusko

    YouTube: Fresh Life Church

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