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JACKIE HILL PERRY : 20 things you do not know about Jackie Hill Perry 

    Jackie Hill Perry Biography – Jackie Hill Perry is a devoted  poet, writer, and hip hop artist from St. Louis, Missouri. Hill Perry is well known for her spoken word performances including ‘My Life as a Stud’, ‘A Poem About Weed’, and ‘Jig-a-Boo’ at the Passion 4 Christ Movement(P4CM). She was born on the 21st June 1989 and her birth sign is Cancer.

    Jackie Hill Perry

    JACKIE HILL PERRY AGE : How old is Jackie Hill Perry?

    Jackie was born on the 21 June 1989. Accordingly, as at 2021 she was 32 years old. Jackie Hill Perry Spends her birthday on the 21st day of June yearly.



    Jackie Hills Perry is happily married to Preston Perry ( a fellow spoken word artiste). The couple tied the knot in March 2014. The marriage of Jackie and Preston Perry is blessed with 3 children

    Jackie Hill Perry husband

    Below are the 20 amazing and factual things you should know about Perry Hill Jackie.

    1. Jackie Hill Perry was born in 21 June 1989 in St. Louis in United States of America. She is 32 years old.
    2. Jacquelyn Hill Perry previously was Jackie Hill before she got married to Preston Perry who is a fellow spoken words artist.


    1. She is an author and a very talented one. Some of her books are; Gay Girl Good God, Holier than thou, and Jude bible study book.


    1. She is a spoken word poet widely known for her ability to infuse traditional Christian themes with her poetry. Some of her poems are my life as a stud, the fall, JIG-A-BOO, AND God’s words.


    1. She is straight and married to a man after her conversion to Christianity, which was in 2008.


    1. She has two daughters called Eden grace and Autumn.


    1. She was bullied and abused as a child leading to her confusion in sexual orientation. According to her, her sexual confusion was as a result of her sexual abuse and lack of attention from men. Hill at her very tender age, thought she would have been born a man. At the age of six, she started doing some funny and irritating things like imitating men, for instance, standing to use the toilet. At the age of 17, she started going into series of relationship with other women. In one of the relationships, the girlfriend suggested she take the role of stud. According to Hill, she was not a cute lady, but upon assuming the role of a thud, she became the dream of most ladies. (Stud here means a woman taking the role of the guy in a gay relationship).


    1. She is a hip-hop music artist, some of her songs are; from heaven, I just wanna get there, lamentations, melodies and the solution.


    1. She was gay and has always felt like she should have been a boy, she also felt like she lacked attention from boys. At age 17, she started pursuing a lot of sexual relationships with women.


    1. In her gay relationship she was the stud that means she was playing the role of the guy.


    1. In august 2013, She was proposed to by her husband through a lovely poem named “the covenant”.


    1. Jackie Hill Perry abused drugs and was addicted to pornography before her conversion to Christianity in 2008.


    1. Jackie Hill Perry grew up without her father.


    1. Jackie Hill Perry is an African American.


    1. Jackie Hill Perry in January 2014 was signed by Humble Beast record label as an artist.


    1. Jackie Hill Perry’s net worth is within $1,000,000-$5,000,000. (One million united states of America dollars to Five million united states dollars ).


    1. Jackie Hill Perry instagram account Is (@jackiehillperry).


    1. Her twitter handle is (@JackieHillPerry).


    1. Jackie Hill Perry and her husband Preston Perry created the ‘Thirty Minutes with the Perry’s” podcast for discussing relationships, parenting, politics etc.


    1. Jackie Hill Perry’s work has been featured on “The 700 club”, “Desiring God”, “The Gospel Coalition” etc.
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