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PASTOR JABIN CHAVEZ: Biography, Age, Family, Career, Ministry, Net worth

    Pastor Jabin Chavez Biography.

    Pastor Jabin Chavez is a American Pentecostal Evangelist,  Preacher, a gospel singer and a motivational speaker from Los Angeles, California and the head pastor of Jabin Chavez Ministries. Chavez was born and raised in a trailer park in Belen, New Mexico, and he often joked that he was a “hood rat” whose upbringing never left him.

    Jabin Chavez Biography

    Chavez became a full-time minister in 2002, and he served as a worship pastor, youth and young adult pastor, intern director, creative director, and janitor.

    In 2019, pastor Chavez delivered a sermon at the Lakewood Church titled “Egypt is Not an Option” about defeating fear, choosing one’s cost in life, and not settling for something outside of God’s plan. In that same speech, he expressed his support for Chick-fil-A still being a “Christian company”, referring to its homophobia allegations controversy.


    Pastor Jabin Chavez was born n the 7th day of October. His exact year of birth is currently unknown. Javez  marks his birthday on the 7th day of October every year, but has not disclosed his age. However, it apears he is in his late 30s.


    Information relating to the parents and siiblngs of Jabin Chavez are currently not available. We will update the relevant infoormation about hiis parents and siblings as soon as discovered.


    Pastor Jabin Chavez is married to Shanen Chavez. The duo met at High School and became lovers.  They fnally got married in 2006.

    Jabin Chavez family


    Shanen’s exact date of birth and age is currently unknown. However she was born on the 28th day of March being the day she celebrates her birthday.

    Celebrating his wife on her birthday on the 28 March 2022, Jabin Chavez shared on instagram:

    Jabin and Shanen have a daughter named Goldie.

    Celebrating his wife on the Mother’s day, Jabn Chavez  shared on instagram:

    Jabin Chavez Wife, Shanen has been a strong support to him. The couple have been relentlessly committed in their service in God’s Vneyard, whch they started from their home church Free Chapel.


    Pastor Jabin Chavez started his ministry as a worship leader since he was a teenager; he began playing guitar at the age of thirteen. Pastor Jabin and Shanen move to Las Vegas to serve under Pastor Benny and Wendy Perez, in order to be part of the Church at South Vegas.

    Pastor Chavez dedicated and invested his whole life in ministry that he served as a youth and Adult Pastor, Worship Pastor; He was also a staff Pastor at his home Church, Free Chapel  led by Pastor Jentezen Franklin, where he was saddled with the responsibility of overseeing Junior and High School Student gather in their hundreds weekly as well as overseeing  the Internship and Creative Art department. In June, 2017, Pastor Chavez and his wife Shanen decided to start up their own ministry. Consequent uupon this descision, the couple founded and planted a Life Changing Church in the heart of California named Jabin Chavez Ministry.


    Jablin Chavez and Shanen his wife began their ministry that God place in their heart many years ago, after many years of traveling and services at their home church Free Chapel. Today the preacher is the senior pastor of The City Light Church Vegas which started on June, 2017. The ministry is a multi-cultural and multi-generational ministry that is transforming and leading people to Jesus all over the world. Pastor Jabin Chavez Ministry has been known all over USA for organizing leadership conferences, youth services and worship team training. Pastor Jabin Chavez has being relevant in this new generation and his prophetic ministry has been a blessing to the body of Christ for years now. Jabin is a highly sought after communicator and worship leader around the world.


    The senior Pastor of the City Light Vegas; Jablin Chavez has been absolutely committed in the spread of the gospel to ensure spiritual growth and developpment of people world wide. Soome of hiis remarkable sermons iincludes

    1. How To Get Up
    2. Water To Wine
    3. Following Jesus
    4. One Life
    5. Be Generous
    6. When The Church Prays
    7. God’s Glory, My Good
    8. Wave Walker
    9. Every Person Filled
    10. Back To Galilee

    Aside being a preacher, pastor Chavez of Light City Church is also a renowned gospel artist, with so many spirit liifting gospel soongs too his credit. Some of the notable songs by astor Jabin Chavez includes:

    1. This is Love
    2. All I Need
    3. Praise Belongs
    4. Victory
    5. With All That’s Within Me
    6. Spirit of The Lord
    7. Thank You Prelude
    8. So Good
    9. You Call Me Yours
    10. We Sing
    11. The Blood
    12. The River

    Jabin Chavez Leadership Podcast

    The Jabin Chavez leadership podcast, is a conversation designed to help you define your organizational culture and leadership values. Jabin is a pastor, artist, and highly sought after speaker who has a long track record of growing departments, ministries, and organizations. We know that this podcast will bring value to you as a leader and to your entire team. You can listen to this Leadershiip Poodcast by Jabin Chavez through the link Jabin Chavez Poodcast


    nformation relating to the Net woorth oof Pastor Jabin Chavez iis currently not available. However , suffice to note that his current sources oof income includes income from his pastoral work and songs.


    Pastor Jabin has being actively on social Medias, you can find and follow Pastor Jabin Chavez on the following social media platform:

    Twitter: @jabinchavez

    You tube: @citylight

    Instagram: @jabinchavez


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