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International Women’s Day Message from Cindy Trimm

    International Women Day Message from Cindy Trimm : This is the International Women’s Day message from Cindy Trimm.

    The 63 year old speaker , best-selling author , an advocate, a pastor,  former senator of Bermuda and the wife of Pastor Russell Tomlinson has contributed immensely in the spiritual growth and development of thousand of people worldwide through her teachings and general way of life

    Celebrating on Instagram, Dr. Cindy posted a pretty picture of herself and wrote:

    “To all of the hard working women, whether you’re a mom, aunty, cousin, grandmother, CEO, lawyer, creative, doctor, judge, law enforcement officer, fire fighter, author, performer, scientist…and the list goes on, Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

    When God made women, He made us ANSWERS to a problem that men had😉😅 Today, I honor us! #unstoppable”

    She has written many books such as: Commanding Your Morning, The 40 Day Soul Fast, The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past, and Prevail: Discover Your Strength in Hard Places.

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