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Indonesia : Muslim Mob Forces Christians Out of Building

    Muslim Mob Forces Christians Out of Building in Indonesia : Report has it that the congregation was forced to temporarily transfer worship services online by a Muslim crowd protesting at a church site outside Jakarta, Indonesia.

    The Indonesia Bethel Church agreed to forgo worship services at their building in Depok, close to Jakarta, for at least two weeks, after the protesters yelled and pushed against the front gate at 7 a.m.

    It is reported that “At 7 a.m., more than about 50 people wearing turbans and other religious attire gathered around the chapel,” Arif Syamsul of the GBI church said “They came to our chapel, and while shouting, they banged it [the perimeter fence gate] and then dispersed.”

    Arif heard about the demonstration from area residents and approached the venue as the Muslims were walking to it, he told.

    “In front of the chapel, they pushed the gate, but not hard. There was no church activity then,” Arif said, adding that the mob dispersed after about 30 to 45 minutes.

    According to Arif the Depok police, a commander of the district military command, staff members of the Institute of Civil Empowerment and the neighborhood head ensured that the mob did not damage the building.

    It was stated according to Depok Metropolitan Police Chief Ahmad Fuady that the “Police forged an agreement between the church and area Muslims to move worship services online for two weeks while permit processing is completed”

    “The result of the agreement is that temporary worship will take place online for two weeks,” Fuady reportedly said. “Why two weeks? Because documents will be processed for two weeks. After the permit is issued, they can then carry out offline worship.”

    Arif said that “Normally no permit is necessary to worship in a rented building”.

    Advice: Let us all shun religious violence and embrace peace. We all serve one God.

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