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How To Relieve Generational Stress: Sarah Jakes Roberts

    How To Relieve Generational Stress Sarah Jakes Roberts: Sarah Jakes Roberts in collaboration withb  Dr. Thema Bryant shares this new message titled “How To Relieve Generational Stress” where Dr. Thema breaks down the science behind generational stress and gives us practical examples that many of us have heard since our childhood that continues to push the cycle.

    She spoke about the stress of decades of trauma or the stress of generational stress and how it shows up in our life. Sarah talked about the stress that we carry from our trauma and the stress that we carry that has been projected onto us and how we can separate the two. It has what we would call a cumulative effect. It builds on each other and it can multiply or magnify what we’re holding. Part of the stress we carry didn’t start with us because we receive our mother’s anxiety and we receive our father’s anxiety and despair.

    Watch and learn from this message by Sarah Jakes Roberts “How To Relieve Generational Stress” as we bring the latest messages from Sarah Jakes Roberts to you.

    Credit: Sarah Jakes Roberts YouTube

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