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Holy Week Devotional Pdf

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    Section: On Holy Thursday, Jesus instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that by that one act Jesus gave His Church a way to share in His divine life.

    Section: On Good Friday, Jesus was crucified as a sacrifice for our sins and died on the cross. His death is our salvation; it reconciles us with God who loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us (Romans 5:8). When we accept Jesus into our hearts and live through our faith in Him, we are united with Christ and become members of His Body—the Church (1 Corinthians 12:13).

    Section: On Easter Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene was among those who first saw Christ risen from the dead. As she ran to tell Peter and John about what had happened – “I have seen the Lord!” – she also told them about how He had appeared first to her after being raised from the grave (John 20:18-19). This story reminds us that when we believe in Christ-like Mary did, we too will see Him after death because He lives forever!

    Holy Week Devotional Pdf

    1. DAY 1: Palm Sunday

    What is Palm Sunday?

    Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week, which takes place before Easter Sunday. It’s also known as the Triumphal Entry and falls on the 50th day after Jesus’ resurrection. Most people know about this Biblical event because of its importance in Christian history, but did you know that it was actually one of Jesus’ least-known parables? In fact, scholars have argued that it may not have been a true story at all but an allegorical tale meant to convey a deeper theological point about God’s love for his people—no matter what happens during their lives.

    2. DAY 2: Monday in Holy Week

    On Monday in Holy Week, we begin the days of Passion and Death.

    On Monday in Holy Week, we remember how Jesus was anointed king on Palm Sunday. We will see how he is rejected by his own people, then condemned to death on Good Friday. On this day we also remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem where he is given a royal welcome by the people who are gathered there to celebrate Passover. We call this event “Palm Sunday.”

    3. DAY 3: Tuesday in Holy Week

    Tuesday in Holy Week is the third day of the seven days of Holy Week. This is the day before Jesus was betrayed by Judas and was crucified. In Matthew 26:14-16, Jesus says to His disciples, “You will all fall away because it is written; ‘I will strike down the shepherd, and the sheep of his flock will be scattered.’ But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee.”

    In John 13:18-30, we find that Jesus told His disciples that He would be betrayed by one who would eat with Him on this night. The disciples were very saddened when they heard this news but Jesus reassured them saying: “One of you will betray me – one who is eating with me”. After some time had passed two people went out into the night but only one returned and he said “It is over!”

    4. DAY 4: Wednesday in Holy Week

    God had foretold that Jesus would enter Jerusalem on a donkey. Jesus fulfilled that prophecy when he rode into the city on a colt, an animal bred for sacrifice. Some people spread their coats on the road before him and others cut down palm branches from nearby trees to create a path. They shouted, “Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” (Matthew 21:9).

    Jesus sat down with his disciples for what would be their last supper together. During this time, Jesus instituted what Christians now call Communion or Holy Communion or Eucharist—a special meal that reminds us of who God has made us be and how we are called to live in relationship with God and each other.

    After sharing bread and wine with his disciples, Jesus gave them these words: “This cup is poured out for you.” Then he took off his outer garment, wrapped himself in a towel, washed their feet (John 13:4-17), and later told Peter not all of those who followed him would taste death until they see him coming again (Matthew 24:34).

    5. DAY 5: Maundy Thursday

    The significance of Maundy Thursday is important for us to know, as it was the last full day that Jesus would be on earth before his death. Let’s break down some of the events that happened during this day:

    • The foot-washing ceremony was an act performed by Jesus to show humility and serve others. He demonstrated how we should all live life, serving others in need before ourselves, even if it seems like there will be no reward or praise received.
    • The Last Supper was a special supper where Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples before he died on the cross. This meal was also known as “The Passover” and came from Jewish tradition at this time period – they celebrated each year by marking their freedom from slavery in Egypt (Exodus 12:1-28). This meal had great importance because it reminded them of what God did for them through Moses leading them out into freedom from slavery; additionally, it showed how God will provide for us when we follow His word! We should take note here of how important this story is within Scripture – it helps us understand who God truly is (a loving Father who provides for His children), what our relationship with Him looks like (love one another), and how He wants us to live our lives (serving others), etcetera…

    6. DAY 6: Good Friday

    TODAY: Good Friday.

    This day commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ to save us from our sin. It’s one of the most important days in history because it shows God’s love for us and it reminds us that we can have eternal life with Him through Jesus’ sacrifice.

    How can you celebrate today? There are many ways to remember this day! Some people fast on Good Friday by not eating any food; others pray or read their Bibles more often than usual; some give up something they enjoy doing like watching TV or playing video games, and some go out into their community to serve others who need help like volunteering at a soup kitchen or sheltering homeless people off the streets during winter months where they’re more vulnerable due to colder weather conditions outside compared against being inside somewhere warm like an apartment building would provide them with protection from having frozen toes/feet (elderly citizens tend not to have much money so they don’t have enough funds left over after paying rent each month which leaves them stuck living outside).

    7. DAY 7: Holy Saturday

    As you look back, you may see that each of the days in this devotional has been a preparation for Easter. They have helped prepare your heart and mind to celebrate the risen Savior on Easter Sunday.

    In today’s Scripture reading, we learn about what happened on Holy Saturday, when Jesus lay in the tomb for three days and three nights. The disciples were confused and afraid after Jesus was arrested and crucified. But through this week of devotionals, God has been speaking to your heart about His goodness and faithfulness—even in difficult times like these!

    8. PDF of the full devotion

    To download the full PDF of this devotion, click here.


    In this devotional, you’ll find a breakdown of each day’s reading and how it can be applied in your life. The first section is called “Prepare.” This section outlines the importance of preparing yourself spiritually before beginning any new journey. It also provides some tips on how to prepare for Easter Sunday! The second section is called “Celebrate.” This section covers the main events from Holy Week and Easter Sunday, including Palm Sunday and Good Friday’s crucifixion of Jesus Christ. There are also a few bonus readings about what happens after Easter Sunday (like baptism) if you’re interested in learning more about those topics as well.

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