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Holly Furtick : Everything you need to know about Holly Furtick


    Holly Furtick is a co-pastor and co-founder of the elevation church and the wife of the famous pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church. Holly was born on the 19th of May 1980, to her parents Murill Boitnott and Mrs. Boitnott . Accordingly, as of 2021 , Holly Furtick is 41 years old. One amazing attribute of Holly Furtick is that she is a wonderful public speaker.

    Holly Furtick’s hobbies are audio books, cooking, gardening, she has her own vegetable in her home’s nursery and she loves playing tennis.

    Holly Furtick

    Steven Furtick Wife Age/Holly Furtick Age

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    Holly Furtick who is the wife of Pastor Steven Furtick, a co-founder and co-pastor of Elevation church and mother of 3 was born on the 19th of May 1980. According as of 2021v being the time of writing this article , Holly Furtick is 41 years old. Holly Furtick celebrates her birthday on the 19th of May every year with her family and friend. It should also be noted that Stevn Furtick always ensure that Holly Furtick have a wonderful birthday celebration.


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    Holly Furtick parents are Murill Boitnott and Mrs. Boitnott . Holly  is married to the popular Pastor Steven Furtick, the co-founder of Elevation church and senior pastor. Holly got married to Steven in year 2002 when she was 22 years old. They met in school, they both got married virgins, not only were they virgins but Steven stated that he did not kiss her until their wedding.

    Pastor Steven Furtick


    Together, Steven furtick and Holly Furtick have three wonderful children, two sons and one daughter, their names are, Elijah Furtick and  Graham Furtick (Steven and Holly Furtick sons) and Abbey Furtick (Steven and Holly Furtick daughter).

    Steven Furtick family

    Holly and Steven Furtick son

    Steven Furtick family

    Information regarding Holly Furtick siblings are currently not available on the internet. Same will be updated as soon as available .



    Holly Furtick attended a regional high school in South Florida. Holly Furtick got her Bachelor’s level of Arts in instruction from North Greenville University.



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    Holly Furtick and her husband Steven Furtick founded Elevation church in the year 2006

    In 2006, Holly and Steven officially started their Sunday service  with 121 people present, as time went by the church continued to grow. In 2013, they had a constant attendance of about 15,000 members weekly and by 2018 they had over 25,000 members with their extensions in about 18 campuses.

    Holly Furtick Elevation church

    They have had a lot of outreaches and  they have spent over $10,000,000 in these outreaches since they started their church.

    Elevation Church is a Baptist Evangelical multi-site megachurch pastored by Steven Furtick, based in Charlotte, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Prior to the founding of the elevation church, Steven and Holly Furtick  used to sing hymns together in little churches up and down I-26,  for pastors & congregations who were kind enough to let them share.


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    Holly’s net worth is about 3,000, 000 United States Dollars. Her sources of income range from the sale of her books, her salary as a pastor and her pay as a public speaker.

    Steven and Holly Furtick house

    The couples live with their children in Waxhaw North Carolina in a house that is worth two million us dollars ($2,000,000). The house has a very beautiful decoration. It has 19 acres of land.



    Holly Furtick has a Book club, the goal is to read one book a month and discuss about it with her friends and the author present on instagram.

    • All the lonely people
    • Lunchtime live
    • Tell me more
    • One two three
    • The good sister
    • Belgravia
    • Girl in translation
    • Haven point
    • The choice
    • A woman is no man



    Holly is the author of two women’s Bible studies, Building Friendships That Fit and Becoming Mrs. Better half. As much as Holly Furtick has not written a lot of books, the few she has written are not only wonderful but also highly recommended for everyone.



    Like Husband like wife, Holly Furtick has been very devoted and relentless in his effort towards the spread of the gospel. Her major target is ensuring that souls are won for Christ and the continuous growth of the world spiritually .

    Some of her wonderful, inspiring and life changing sermons include;

    • You were not meant to do this alone
    • Hearing God’s voice
    • Shut up and shine
    • I don not think I am ready for this
    • Running on empty
    • The hope cycle
    • Overcoming loneliness’ and building friendships that fit
    • God why did you let this happen
    • I know the way
    • More than miracles



    Holly Furtick is married to Steven Furtick and they got married in 2002. Both are co-founders and co-pastors of Elevation church. It has been a wonderful marriage between the couples since 2002 they got married. Steven furtick and Holly Furtick have three wonderful children, two sons and one daughter, their names are, Elijah Furtick and  Graham Furtick (Steven and Holly Furtick sons) and Abbey Furtick (Steven and Holly Furtick daughter).

    Steven Furtick, born to his parents Larry Steven Furtick and Faith Furtick on 19th February 1980, making him 41 years old, in Moncks corner, South Carolina United States America, is a pastor, songwriter and an amazing author. He founded and pastors the elevation church located in charlotte, United States.  His net worth is between the ranges of $55,000,000-$60,000,000.



    Instagam: @hollyfurtick

    Twitter: @Holly_Furtick




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