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    HOLLY FURTICK SERMON WORRIED ABOUT WHAT IF : Pastor Holly Furtick said, When I get anxious I start to jump to these crazy conclusions and then I start to search for an answer for everything so I plan out these elaborate if-then scenarios and then I find myself worried about problems that don’t even exist

    What do you do when you find yourself in this place, Pastor Holly Furtick shares with us some of the things that God has been showing me about how to break this cycle in my mind and the psalmist is about to show you, don’t you love the bible

    I love the darkness and the humanity in this psalm, i love knowing that I’m not the only one, who goes through periods where God feels far away, he says God can you hear me, just like the psalmist and I think I know why it’s easier to blame God than to take responsibility for my own heart and my own attitude, so it’s easier for me to say God are you hearing me, what about your promises, God you must be angry with me but thankfully the psalmist doesn’t stop there and we won’t either.

    It’s forever in my mind, he said don’t let doubt and self-centeredness cut you off in the middle of your story, it’s okay to feel the doubt, it’s okay to think about how you’re being affected by this situation but realize that we are in the middle of the story right now and you can feel those feelings but you can’t stop there.

    You can’t lose faith you can’t keep circling in this loop of making up stories, you have to get to the next part, so part one of this psalm is my worries part two is his ways and verse 10 is the shift, the shift from going from myself to my God.

    He says then I thought to this i will appeal the years when the most high stretched out his right hand watch this because he’s about to go from what if to worship, he’s going to shift his focus from self, what if God has forgotten me to the character and the nature of God, he says, I will remember the deeds of the lord, I will remember your
    miracles of long ago he’s, forcing himself to remember, he says I will consider all of your works and meditate on all of your mighty deeds, your ways God are holy, what God is as great as our God?

    He is reminding himself about who his God is, you are the God who performs miracles, you display your power among the people with your mighty arm, you redeemed your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph, your thunder was heard in the whirlwind, your lightning lit up the world, the earth trembled and quaked, we serve a big God.

    He says your path led through the sea your way through the mighty waters though your footprints were not seen you led your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron.

    Sometimes the only way forward is to circle back, what do you do when you’re awake in the night instead of circling on all of those questions, in all of those stories you stop and you remember how great and how powerful our God is, he’s a good God, he’s a miracle-working God, he’s a deliverer, he is the God who makes himself known to his people and his promises.

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