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    HOLLY FURTICK SERMON WHEN GOD LOOKS AT YOU : Pastor Holly Furtick said, When it comes time to put your faith into action, we have to remember who is really on our side that’s what pastor Holly Furtick talks to us about today.

    the angel of the lord came and sat beneath the great tree at Ophra which belonged to Joash of the clan of Ebiazar, Gideon son of Joash was threshing wheat at the bottom of a wine press to hide the grain from the Midianites, the angel of the lord appeared to him and said mighty hero the lord is with you.

    First thing that you must remember is that when God calls you, he calls according to your potential, i don’t know much about wheat i like to eat it or wine presses but I’m pretty sure that you’re not supposed to thresh wheat in a wine press. Gideon was hiding from the enemy and he was just trying to get enough food, enough wheat to feed his family, he was just trying to get by one more day, just an ordinary day for him in hiding and an angel comes to him and some translations say that the angel calls him mighty warrior, there’s nothing mighty or warrior about Gideon.

    In this moment, he’s hiding, he’s starving, aren’t you grateful, that God calls us according to the potential he sees in us not our past decision not our present circumstances, don’t you wish you could actually see yourself the way God sees you?

    I think back to starting this church I remember Steven and I dreaming and planning about one day planting a church and we would say things like you know one day when we’re older maybe when we’re 40, maybe when we’re wiser, when people would actually want to follow us but very clearly God just spoke to us and he it was, just we just knew it was time for us to start this church we were 25 years old let me put that into perspective

    For some of you we’d only been out of the college dorm room for three years, we were not pastors, we were not church planning experts, we were children God doesn’t see you as unemployed, he sees you as a provider. God doesn’t see you as a stressed out mom, he sees you as a nurturer, he doesn’t see you as insecure, he sees you as confident in your own personality in your own skin.

    Pastor Holly Furtick said, You might be hiding but that’s not who you really are and God is not looking for perfection because if he was he wouldn’t have picked us he wouldn’t have picked me and he wouldn’t have picked you, he’s looking for potential, he is perfectly okay with the space between who you are right now in this moment and who you’re going to become because he sees the fighter in you.

    Pastor Holly Furtick said, deep inside, he sees a person who will fight for progress, he sees a person who will fight for their family, he sees a person who will fight to keep their integrity and their honesty, even when it gets hard in their job, a person who will fight to do the right thing, even when it feels like everyone else is doing the wrong thing that’s who you are.

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