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    Pastor Holly Furtick teaches us on comparison. Growing up I thought but there were two ways that God could speak to you, one was if you were alone and you were either praying or reading your Bible and two was if you were listening to a sermon. But you know, as I have grown in my faith and as I have began to notice God all around me in the small parts of my day, I realised that if I surround myself with the right people, God can speak to me through them, this is not like don’t go all crazy on this, this is not like a Holly I have a word from the Lord for you usually that doesn’t come from a friend usually, that just comes from like some random person.

    I’m talking about when my friends got around me, one day we were in a meeting and they started saying Holly you need to write a Bible study for the whim of art of our church about being a Godly wife, that was God speaking to me through them when I was talking to a friend one time and over a crying baby who told me that I was a good mom that’s God speaking to me through my friend. when a friend told me not to give up or a friend who’s just there physically present listening to me process through a very difficult situation, if you don’t think that that’s God in all of those times in your life you’ve got God all wrong.

    These women were not reading their Bible and praying when the angel appeared to them, they were together doing something, they were there and the angel asked them a question, the angel said why do you look for the living among the dead? This got me thinking about dead places in our friendships, places where we can go that harm our relationships rather than help them?

    one of those dead places it’s when we compare, comparison is a funny thing because it comes in two ways because you can think I don’t compare, but you might be comparing. so maybe you’re on social media, maybe you don’t have social media boom assuming most of you do and you’re scrolling through and you see one of your friends and she makes these beautiful lunches and those little lunchboxes that like have all the little compartments and you think oh my gosh I’m a terrible mom because I don’t do the little grapes and crackers thing, the one side of comparison is I’m not as good as her right but the other side of comparison is you know have you ever thought well at least I don’t feed my kids fast food I mean we go to chick-fil-a in a pinch but we would never go to McDonald’s. Pastor Holly Furtick is helping us understand that, there is no room for comparison in Christ Jesus, its our duty to be grateful for that which we have to enable us be honest in Christ Jesus.

    First John first John chapter 1, it says this is the message that we have heard from him and declared to you, God is light and in him there is no darkness at all if we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness we lie and we do not live out the truth but if we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus his son purifies us from all sin.

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