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    HOLLY FURTICK SERMON HEARING GOD’S VOICE : The wife of the lead pastor of Elevation church Pastor Steven Furtick and a senior pastor at Elevation church, Holly Furtick has come through with this wonderful sermon titled ”hearing God’s voice”

    According to her , You see the key to hearing god’s voice consistently in your life is having a good understanding of who God is and who he’s not.


    Pastor Holly Furtick said, tonight my husband is not on the front row because you guys obviously come you know whatever take over this place so he’s sitting off to the side, where I can’t see him very well, but i can tell you that if he were to shout, that’s good hull i don’t have to look over there to see who said that because i know him i have a relationship with him.


    However, learning to hear God’s voice is a little bit harder than learning to hear the voice of an actual human and so many times in my life I want to skip the relationship part with God and just have God tell me what to do like he’s some kind of fortune teller, that’s a lot easier if God would just tell me where to go and what to do and what to say when to say it, I don’t even think I would listen anyway even if I could hear him


    I came here to tell you tonight that you can’t get direction from god if you don’t take the time to learn his voice and his character, so the first thing that you need to know about God is that he is a good shepherd, there’s two words used here to describe God, good and shepherd and so anytime I’m trying to discern what God is speaking to me, i have to filter everything through that aspect of God’s character


    God is a good God, he does not shame me for my past decisions, he does not withhold good things from me to punish me for my mistakes, he’s not sitting up in heaven playing games with me, he does not want me to be confused, hear me say that God is not the author of confusion, the enemy wants to confuse you so that you’ll never act on what you think God is telling you to do. God is good and he has good plans for my life and that’s the starting place.


    When you think God might be speaking something to you is that you remember that he has good intentions for you and he wants you to hear his voice and follow his directions, listen to this more than you want to, he wants you to hear his voice because he’s good and he’s a shepherd.

    Pastor Holly Furtick wants us to keep in mind these two great attributes of God and when his words when he speaks to us, she helps us understand that God does not bring about confusion when he speaks to us and that we will be able to hear from God if we have a great relationship with God.


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