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    HOLLY FURTICK SERMON GOD WHY DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN? : Pastor Holly Furtick said, Every time that I cycle my hope, it gets bigger, it gets stronger because I’ve experienced it and I felt it and I know that God was with me and I know he’s going to be with me, there’s a newer translation of the Bible, the passionate translation and it actually says and proven character leads us back to hope.

    So here’s the thing when the cycle begins again because it will I go into it stronger, I go into it more hopeful, now wouldn’t it be nice if we only had to deal with one cycle at a time but the reality is that we have many cycles going on simultaneously and they can be all different sizes, so this large one might be an ongoing issue for you, maybe you have a health issue or maybe you have something going on in your marriage or whatever it’s an ongoing, it’s a big one but then we also have these smaller ones, so maybe over here you have a bill that you don’t know how you’re going to pay and then maybe one of your children is just struggling in school, this year they’re having a hard time clicking with their teacher, their grades aren’t good, so maybe that’s an issue that you’re going through and then maybe you have just a little one, like one that happens all in one day and your child throws up in the air conditioning vent.

    Remember each trial, each problem, each suffering is running the cycle and each cycle is not only building up your perseverance and your character but they are feeding in to one another and they’re feeding in to this big situation, that’s going on in your life so maybe from this situation you learned from this bill, you learned self-control like you just have to budget, there was no way you could pay that bill if you didn’t cut some things out, so you learnt self-control in that one and maybe in this situation, you learnt to pray and maybe you learned when to speak up and when to keep your mouth shut, that’s building into that situation.

    Pastor Holly Furtick said, what I want you to know today is that you have got to run the cycle, don’t get stuck in the suffering stage, the more that you lean into this process the more that you will be able to gain from it. There are a few things that will get you stuck in this suffering stage, that will like break up your cycle and one of those things is comparison. Nobody understands, nobody’s ever felt this way before, nobody has felt the pain that I feel or maybe we complain and we think why is this happening to me.

    Pastor Holly Furtick wants us to stop comparing ourselves to others and learn the lessons in each moment of trial ion our lives, she wants us to understand that there is a reason for every thing we go through and we must be careful so that we do not remain in stuck in the crazy and fail to reach their benefit point.



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