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    HOLLY FURTICK SERMON ARE YOU LONELY : Pastor Holly Furtick in this sermon talks to us on Loneliness and lasting Relationships, she said, Some of us are lonely because the minute someone gets annoying, you’re just on to the next person and then you wonder why you feel lonely. Yes there are toxic people that you don’t need to spend time around but you were meant to experience life with people, real human beings not pictures behind a screen where you type comments back and forth because I don’t know about you, I don’t want a friend who comments, I want a friend who listens and a friend who understands I want a friend who is there and when you get connected to the right people I don’t know how it happens but your faith grows.

    Pastor Holly Furtick said, 19 years ago just before Steven and I got married, a mutual friend of ours introduced us to chunks and Amy Corbett chunks was a physical therapist, you’ve heard Steven talk about him many times and Amy actually was an engineer and over the next two years we just developed a friendship with them, we sort of learned how to be adults together and when Steven and I felt God calling us to start this church, we knew that we wanted chunks and Amy to do it with us and they prayed about it and they finally they took a really long time, if you ask me but they finally agreed that they would go anywhere that we felt God calling us to go.

    Pastor Holly said, her friend Amy was always with her from the beginning, in good and in bad time, she said Amy was there whether they were to add a new service or open up a new campus we were always unsure like are people going to come, Amy and I would peek out from behind the curtain and i remember one time, Amy was peeking out she was like oh come here look they’re coming and we were so excited together and when Steven’s father was in his last days of life, I remember coming out of the bedroom and finding chunks and Amy and others of our friends just there waiting together in our time of sadness, I’m not saying we’re like the 12 disciples or anything or that all my friendships last forever, I am not saying that but I’m saying that together we have seen God do some amazing things, we’ve seen people’s lives healed, we’ve seen people’s marriages restored, we have seen God work through us together, together in joy, together in fear, together in doubt because God’s intentions are never for us to struggle alone and here’s the thing that you have to remember about friendship because not only are they formed over time but they must be formed before the crisis in order for you to feel like people are there for you in your dark season, you have to spend time developing your relationship with them before that.



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