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Havilah Cunnington: Biography, Age, Family Life, Career, and Net Worth

    Havilah Cunnington is one of the few devoted female pastors that have remained relentlessly committed in their effort to ensure the continuous spread of the Gospel of Christ and spiritual growth and development of people worldwide.

    Havilah Cunnington is an American Pastor, famous podcaster, author and the co- founder of a  nonprofit online platform called Truth to Table. Pastor Havilah Cunnington is a senior pastor at Bethel Church.

    Havilah Cunnington Biography


    Pastor Havilah Cunnington of Bethel Church fully known as Havilah Anfuso Cunnington and her twin sister Deborah Anfuso Giles were born on 28 November, 1977.

    Havilah’s parents, Francis Anfuso (Father) and Suzie Anfuso (mother), were both preachers.  Havilah Cunnington’s father Francis Anfuso was the former founding pastor at The Rock of Roseville. Her father is from Brooklyn, New York and her mother is from Browns Valley, California.

    Havilah Anfuso Cunnington

    One unique attitude of Havilah is that she had the understanding  that God had a plan for other people’s lives as she was growing up, but never believed that God could use her. Throughout her educational life, she struggled with learning disabilities, which left her feeling very insecure about her worth.

    According to Havilah, at the age of 17, while riding in a car with friends to a party, she heard the voice of God say to her heart, “There is more to life than this! Come follow me; I’ve called you.

    At that point, Havilah made the decision to devote her life to serving God. Havilah’s zeal for seeing people encounter God in a meaningful way and her desire to dispel widespread myths, one’s own limitations, and helpless living are some characteristics of her. Her passion is encouraging and challenging others to realize their full potential as God intended.

    Later on, while Havilah remained at home and nurtured a worship group, her twin sister Deborah nursed an ambition to move to England.


    Havilah Cunnington was born on November 28 1977. She is currently 45 years old. Havilah’s birthday comes up on the 28th day of November every year.

    Havilah Cunnington date of birth

    Family Life

    Pastor Havilah Cunnington of Bethel Church is happily married to her husband, Ben Cunnington with whom she co-founded the nonprofit and an online platform called Truth to Table, reaching the world with Bible studies, messages, and lifestyle leadership tools.

    Havilah Cunnington husband Ben Cunnington

    Their marriage is blessed with 4 sons named Judah, Hudson, Grayson, and Beckham.

    Havilah Cunnington Family

    The couple together with their children live in live in Redding, California.

    Celebrating their marriage anniversary on July 11, 2019, Havilah took to facebook to write :

    I broke up with Ben when we were dating. Sitting that evening out in front of my parent’s driveway as I explained that we couldn’t be together.

    Can I be honest? I was all for love & dating… even going on fun adventures together but the idea of marrying someone for the rest of my life made me feel a little claustrophobic. I mean, what if he was the wrong one? What if I was settling because I was getting older? He wasn’t the brilliant visionary I had always seen myself married too.

    In fact, Ben wasn’t really anything on my list. I enjoyed him, even loved him, but I couldn’t see him leading a ministry or pastoring a church. (All the things I thought I needed to fulfill the call on my life.) He had won me over slow & steady.

    I knew I had to break it to him that night. I had to be honest. I let the words pour out of me as we both cried in the front seat of the car. I walked into the dark house that night. Falling on my bed. Deflated. Tortured. Exhausted. Confused.

    The next day I called my sister to see what she thought. After all, she had said yes to the love of her life that year, so I knew she could relate. She said something I have never forgotten. She said, “You know Havilah, type “A” people are really awesome to minster with, but they’re not as fun to live with.”

    I hadn’t ever thought of that before. I guess I was caught thinking about finding the most “strategic partner” rather than someone I wanted to come home to every night — someone I trusted. Someone who loved me unconditionally, wouldn’t compete with my calling but instead support & labor with me. Someone willing to see me become the person I was called to be.

    The next day I decided to move forward in my relationship with Ben. I can laugh now, 15 years later, after four kids, a couple of homes & a ministry. After countless dreams have come true together. I’m confident, Ben has been the perfect choice for me.

    TRUTH: My list was incomplete. One-sided. Selfish. God had a list for me and Ben had checked each and every one.

    So, if you’re not married, don’t get caught up in the “strategic choice” get caught up in looking for someone who has the same core values as you — someone who loves God”.

    Further celebrating her 17 years of marriage with her husband Ben Cunnington, Havilah on the 18th of October 2022 took to instagram to share :


    Havilah Cunnington is currently serving as a senior pastor at Bethel Church. She has been in full-time ministry for twenty years. At The Rock of Roseville, she served as the teaching pastor.

    She also had served as a director for a California-based group named “Moral Revolution.” The Moral Revolution is a group that aims to inspire a moral uprising that fosters a culture of love, honor, and respect for the generations by fostering vision, reestablishing wholeness, and enhancing autonomy.

    She currently co-founded the nonprofit organization Truth to Table and its online platform, which uses Bible studies, messaging, and lifestyle leadership tools to reach people all over the world.

    Havilah Cunnington marriage

    Books By Havilah Cunnington

    Aside being a pastor and top ranked Podcaster, Havilah is a renowned author with many books to her credit. Below are some of the life changing books by Havilah Cunnington highly recommended for your consumption:

    I Dream Big (2022)
    I Do Boundaries (2020)
    I Do Hard Things: A Bible Study to Break of Fear and Pain (2019)
    Discovering & Activating My Spiritual Gifts (2021)
    Stronger Than The Struggle (2018)
    Eat. Pray. Hustle.: Dream Chasing God’s Way (2015)
    Radical Growth (2014)
    The Good Stuff (2015)
    The Naked Truth Abouth Sexuality (2015)
    Leap Into Love (2019)
    Soul Food (2016)
    Keep Calm And Finish Strong (2011)

    Net Worth

    Information relating to the net worth of Havilah Cunnington is currently not available. Howver, her major sources of income is from her pastoral work and sales of her books.

    Social Media

    Feel free to contact or follow Havilah on the following Social media platforms:

    Instagram: @havilahcunnington

    Twitter: @mrshavilah

    Facebook: @mrshavilah

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