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Gregory Dickow Message :Why We Feel So Bad About Ourselves

    Gregory Dickow Message Why We Feel So Bad About Ourselves : Gregory Dickow is an author, speaker, and preacher from the United States. He is the founder and senior pastor of Life Changers International Church in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, a non – denominational charismatic mega-church.

    Dickow shares this message tiled Why We Feel So Bad About Ourselves. Be rest assured that this is a message you would love to listen to as it contains a lot of useful life lessons.

    In this sermon by Gregory Dickow, the senior pastor stated that We feel worse about ourselves today than we ever have before. WHY?! We are experiencing a lack of connection and a lack of love. There is hope for our world and that hope is a loving connection with God and a loving connection with each other. Where there is love, there is power.

    As you listen and watch this sermon by Pastor Dickow, may God bless his words in our hearts and grant us all our heart desires.

    Credit: Gregory Dickow Youtube

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