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Gregory Dickow : The God of Open Doors: How to Activate the Power of God

    Gregory Dickow sermon How to Activate the Power of God : The founder and senior pastor of Life Changers International Church, a nondenominational charismatic megachurch based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Pastor Gregory Dickow shares this wonderful message titled ” The God of Open Doors: How to Activate the Power of God”.

    In this sermon by Gregory Dickow, he stated thus: We never have to feel limited another day in our lives because there are no limits when we have a connection to God’s power. Being connected is how it flows. Being connected is how we can start living victoriously beyond what we’ve ever expected. Pastor Gregory Dickow shares three things that will help us open the doors and experience connection to God’s grace and power. Let’s open the doors and give God access to every area of our lives. He already has wide-open doors of grace for us. His privileges are equally available to anyone who comes to Him through grace. We can stop living in the deserved ones. Instead, we can start living in the undeserved privileges He gave us by His grace.

    Kindly spare time to watch and listen to this sermon and as you do so, may God bless his words in our hearts and grant us all our heartn desires .

    Video Credit : Gregory Dickow Youtube

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