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GREGORY MICHAEL DICKOW : Biography and Everything you Need to Know About Him.

    Gregory Michael Dickow : Biography and Everything you Need to Know About Him.

    Gregory Dickow is an American born Preacher, Speaker, Author and the Founder and Senior Pastor Life Changer International Church Chicago.

    Gregory Dickow


    The American preacher, author and Speaker, Pastor Gregory Dickow is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Life Changer International Church Chicago.

    He was born on the 18th day of September 1964 to his Americans Parents Robert and Farial Dickow in Detroit, Michigan.

    His up-bringing was nothing to write home about and that made his teenage life a tussle of confusion and depression.  Gregory grew-up in a home that lacks good religions background. To him, love was a foreign word because no one ever told him “I love you”.

    In his college days, Gregory lived a way-ward life resulting from peer-pressure. He engaged himself with so many vices while in high school. Gregory was into smoking, drinking, clubbing, pushing and taking cocaine. With all this lifestyle Gregory was still not fulfilled. He knew some things were like joy, peace etc were missing within him.

    Gregory began search for purpose when his popular friend in high school unexpectedly committed suicide. According to him,  he said to himself “I don’t have a girlfriend, I am not popular, I am not in any sport, I don’t have things he had going for him” but he took his live, what will stop me from doing same if I continue this way? He asked himself.

    Gregory Dickow started working in a restaurant but still continued his normal lifestyle with his friends around. While at the restaurant he noticed something different about a Christian colleague, the guy was not into his kind of lifestyle like drinking, clubbing or even talked the way they did. The guy invited Gregory to a home bible study which he honored.

    According to Gregory, it was the first time in his life “he felt peace within him, he felt loved” they weren’t trying to beat me up because of my lifestyle, I had people that wanted to show me the love of God in an unconditional way, he said. They read a scripture for Gregory and that was the first scripture he had ever seen in the bible, 1 John 1:9: if you confess your sins, he is faithful and just to forgive you your sins and cleans you from all unrighteousness. That was how Gregory got his salvation in Christ and became a born again at the age of 16.


    Gregory Dickow was born to his stalwart father Robert and staunch mother Farial. They hail from Detroit, Michigan, in United State.


    Gregory Dickow was born on the 18th of September, 1964, in Detroit, Michigan United State of America. Accordingly, Gregory is currently 57 years old and will be clocking 58 years old by September 18th 2022.


    Gregory Dickow attended western College Michigan and also acquired his bachelor’s degree in communication at University in Kalamazoo in 1986.


    Pastor Gregory Dickson is happily married to his beautiful wife Grace Dickow formally known as Mary Grace Gattone. Gregory Dickow wife was born on the 20th August 1963.

    Grace Dickow
    Grace Dickow

    The two got married on the 3rd  December 1988 making them 34 years of marriage (2022). Gregory and Grace Dickow’s marriage is blessed with five children: Olivia, Robert, Gena, Joseph and Roman. Grace Dickow has been a pillar of support to her husband and the ministry.

    Gregory Dickow family
    Gregory Dickow, wife and children



    Pastor Gregory Dickow is the founder and lead pastor of Life Changer International Church founded in 1992. Life Changer Internationals Church Chcago is a multi-cultural Faith Church. It was incorporated in 1993. Life Changer commissions her Barrington Hills Campus in September 1996, while the Chicago satellite campus began in 1998.

    Gregory Dickow Ministry
    Gregory Dickow and wife Grace Dickow


    Dickows television ministry was also launched in the same year 1998. In 2004 Dickows opened Life Changers new Ministry Headquarters in Huffman Estate, a 160,000 square-foot facility located on 30 acres of land, accommodating a sanctuary, prayer center, gymnasium, TV and radio studio.

    The Church also built on the same land a school  ”Valeo Academy‘,  a  k-12  Christian school launched in 2004 and has also been incorporated same into association of Christian Schools International. His vision is to help as many as he can to re-position and change their lives to a direction where it will have meaning and purpose.

    In 2005, Dickow launched the Ask the Pastor radio show, which airs live for an hour every day.


    Gregory Michael Dickow net worth is estimate to about $1 million US Dollars to $5 million US Dollars as of 2021. He generates his good source of income from being a successful preacher.


    Some of the life changing and spirit growing sermons by Pastor Dickow include;

    1. 5 Ways To Build Up Yourself
    2. The Power To Change Today
    3. Happy Days: The Kisses of Jesus
    4. Freedom From Fear
    5. Closeness With God
    6. A Faith That Never Fails
    7. How To Love People Better In 2022
    8. Happy New Way: Life Is Happening For You
    9. Ripping off The Roof of Your Limitations
    10. You Are Beautiful


    Aside being a preacher, Pastor Gregory Dickow is a renowned author with many books to his credit

    Some of the beautiful and life changing books by Gregory include;

    1. Soul Cure
    2. Fast From Wrong Thinking
    3. Silencing The Accuser: The power of Guilt-Free Life
    4. Triumphing Over Loneliness: The Influence of Connection
    5. So Loved
    6. Breaking The power of Inferiority
    7. The Power To Change Today: Simple Secrets To Satisfied Life
    8. Precious Promises of The Blood of Jesus
    9. More Than Amazing Grace
    10. Taking Charge of Your Emotions
    11. 30 Days Of Rest
    12. Changed By Love
    13. Faith For Your Family Declarations
    14. The power of A New Life
    15. 30 Days of Blessing
    16. How To Fulfill God’s Purpose For Your Life
    17. Fearless How To Conquer Fear Forever
    18. How To Never Be Hurt Again
    19. How To Hear The Voice of God Today
    20. The Promises of Hope


    Instagram: @gregorydickow

    Facebook: GregoryDickow

    Twitter: @GregoryDickow

    YouTube: @Gregory Dickow


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