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GRAYSON BEARDEN: Biography and Everything You Need to Know About Him

    GRAYSON BEARDEN Biography and Everything You Need to Know About Him:

    Grayson Bearden is a young American Pastor at Journey Church, Celebrity Tiktok Preacher and  a Fast rising Content Creator. Grayson has been ranked by Forbes and Business Insider among the richest TikTok personality.

    Grayson Bearden Biography


    The American born TikTok preacher Grayson was born on the 20th of August 1996, in Corpus Christi, Texas, to his Pastor Parents Dean and Jane Bearden.

    Growing up was fun for Grayson, having gotten all the love he wished for from his parents. Right from childhood, the tiktok preacher Bearden has alsway been very much insterested in traveling round the world.

    Grayson Bearden family

    According to Grayson he almost lost his identity both of God and that of his family having grown up in a family where virtually everyone is a pastor, but views were different.  He wanted to be a dancer and was already dancing with Ballet Company in Atlanta, Georgia. Pastor Beardon said he remembered God spoke to him saying, “Grayson, you’re doing what you are good at but not what you are called to do” and that same day he took his bag and drove back to Corpus Christi, Texas, to serve at his father’s Church.


    Grayson was born to his American Parents, Pastors Dean and Jane Bearden  both of whom are the founders and Senior Pastors of Journey Church. They are Caucasian native and hail from Corpus Christi, Texas. Information relating to Grayson Beardon siblings are currently not available.


    Bearden was born on the 20th August  1996, making him 26 years old as of 2022. The Tiktok celebrity Grayson marks his birthday on the 20th of August every year.


    Grayson dropped out of his High School as a sophomore in the second year at the age of 16 to travel and dance with a ballet company. There is no information as to the school he attended.


    Grayson is married to his lovely wife  Jezlyn Bearden.

    Grayson Bearden wife Jezlyn Bearden
    Grayson Bearden wife Jezlyn Bearden


    The couples have been married since 26th August 2022 and their marriage is blessed with two sons, one from the marriage and another as a stepson from the wife.

    Celebration their 2 years marriage anniversary, Bearden took to instagram to share:


    Grayson and Jezlyn Beardon’s have two sons, one from their marriage and another as a stpson from the wife.  The couples are happily living together with their two sons.

    Grayson Bearden children
    Grayson Bearden sons


    Celebrating their biological son’s 6 month birthday on the 4th August 2022, Grayson took to instagram to share :


    Bearden is a social media Content Creator and Tiktok Preacher. He leads an online ministry on Tiktok and Youtube and engages in physical preaching once in a while.

    Grayson and his wife served at their local church called The Journey Church. They also preach and speak globally through their ministry and social channels, on restoration, healing, and breakthrough. The couple are also part of the worship ministry in their church.

    Grayson Bearden and Jezlyn Bearden

    He brought about “digital missionary” and has been involved in virtual faith for a very long time now and was among the few that started virtual faith, when it was still a new concept. He has 2.1 million total TikTok fans.

    Grayson rose to fame and prominence through his TikTok, for his lip-syncs to popular songs and voice-cover, short sermon and original voice-covers of Christian music. Grayson Bearden started his TikTok for fun and to be part of a trend with no expectation that he will become so popular and influential.

    Currently, Grayson Beardon TikTok account has amassed a crowd of followers of over 1.8 million people and Instagram with about over 83.5k followers. Grayson has become a well Known social media star.  Advertisers pay him for posting on his  TikTok account which has over 2.Million views.

    Considering Grayson’s most recent 16 post in his tiktok account, the average engagement rate of his followers on each of the post is 1.58 percent. When calculated, the average estimate of his sponsorship earnings is between $1.150 million and $1.900.

    Grayson launched Journey Church into digital missionary known as “Virtual Faith” and has been involved since the inception. When it was still a new Concept it has over 2 million followers. Grayson and his wife Jezlyn also serve as worship ministers at their local Church. Their core aim is to spread the gospel of Christ to the world


    Some inspirational sermons by Grayson include:

    • God heals the broken hearted
    • Act 4 vs 12
    • The Christian argument about homosexuality
    • Giving
    • An identity journey


    Some of the remarkable achievements of  Bearden include :

    • Grayson ranked on the list of most popular TikTok star.
    • He also ranked in the elite list of famous celebrity born in the United State.
    • Grayson Bearden is also rated among the richest influential social media stars according to Forbes and Business Insider.



    There is currently no information as to the exact net worth of Grayson Bearden. However, he is on of the richest tiktok influencers. His present sources of income include income from social media influencing,  public speaking engagements amongst others.


    You can fine and follow Grayson on the following social media platforms:

    Instagram: @graysonbearden

    Facebook: @graysondeanbearden

    Tiktok: @grayson.bearden

    YouTube: @GraysonBearden

    Email: [email protected]

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