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Joseph Prince Live Stream – English Sunday Service

    Grace Revolution Digital Church Service 5 September 2021– The bible tells us that the path of the righteous is like a shining sun that shines ever brighter unto a perfect day. We are Christian believers and are to be righteous, hence our lives can only shine brighter and brighter until the day we see our lord Jesus face to face.

    It important we know that the path of the righteous believer is different from that of the unbelievers because the world around the unbeliever because even though the whole world might be suffering from a pandemic, the believer is safe in Gods protection, the believer always has hope.

    It is important we learn to look forward in hope since the bible says our path, as the righteous will shine brighter every day. Its important also that we refrain from speaking evil and we shouldn’t speak with hopelessness and helplessness for there Is power in our tongue, just look up to Jesus.

    Favour can be multiplied in our lives through the knowledge of God and Of Jesus Christ. We will obtain divine peace and wholeness in every part of our body and mind if we know Jesus our lord. We can know him by reading and understanding his words.

    The importance of seeing Jesus in the scripture is that, the way you see him in the bible, is also the same way you will be able to receive from him. In other words, the capacity of receiving from the lord is tied up with seeing him. When we see him the way the Holy Spirit wants us to see him, you will receive from him. But we have to believe in him, the people in Nazareth could not receive from him because they didn’t believe in him.

    How can we see Jesus? We can see him by looking in the word of God with the presence of the Holy Spirit, we have to be humble and meek to see Jesus in the bible, seeing Jesus in the bible has nothing to do with our attained degrees, wealth or high IQ. It comes to those who are humble.

    God said my people would dwell in peaceful habitation because they have the righteousness of God in Christ. We are his people therefore even amidst the pandemic we will be peaceful.




    Proverbs 4 vs. 18

    1st peter 3-10

    Hebrews 4 vs. 11

    2nd peter 1:2

    Genesis 21 16-17

    Mathew 2:18

    Luke 4: 18



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