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God’s Open Hand of BLESSING – Kenneth Copeland

    God’s Open Hand of Blessing Kenneth Copeland devotional – God has never created anything that was bad. The everlasting fire was not prepared for man, it was prepared for the devil and his angels.

    God has never sent anyone but the devil to hell. As long as you are able to seek forgiveness of God and you are baptised you will make it to heaven.

    The grace if God is always enough for us. God is a good God. God anointed Jesus who went about doing good. The lord is good to all. The lord is not tight fisted; he has an open hand for all who look to him in his goodness. The mercy of the lord endures forever.

    In what whatever situation we find ourselves we should be able to praise the lord, and the moment we praise the lord victory becomes ours. We see an example when during the war Jehoshaphat conferred with the people and they decided to put out the singers In front and when the singers began singing that the lord is good and his mercy endures forever, their enemies turned against each other and they had an automatic victory. God was waiting for them to just praise his name. we should learn from this scripture passage that praising the lord isn’t anything done only when times are happy and going well for us but also in time of troubles.

    Bible verse for the teaching

    Psalm 103 vs. 1-3

    Psalm 145 vs 1-3, 6-9

    Mathew 25:41

    John 10 vs 9-11

    Act 10 vs 37-38

    Psalm 145 12, 15 16

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