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Evangelist Ebuka Obi: Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Ministry, Net Worth

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi Biography : 

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi fully known as Evangelist Ebuka Anozie Obi is a Nigerian Pastor, gospel singer, prophet, and spiritual director/ founder of the  Zion Prayer Movement Outreach (ZPMO), which is located in Ago-okota, Lagos, Nigeria.

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi Biography

    Ebuka Obi was born in to a Roman Catholic family of Mr and Mrs Vincent Obi of Ubulu-Ihejifor in Oru-West L.G.A Imo State, Nigeria. He was born twin. Evangelist Ebuka of Zion Prayer Ministry was born on the 16th day of October in the 1980s.

    He is a living example of Luke 4:18, whose life is committed to inspiring men and women to reach their greatest potential in Christ. Chukwuebuka’s spiritual powers began to appear while he was just eight years old.

    He would make forecasts to persons both known and unknown to him, and they would come true just as he had predicted. Many people from all around came to his father’s compound in pursuit of this remarkable young guy.

    After finishing his schooling, he moved to Lagos in search of better pastures that he felt would be more favorable and advantageous to him as a young man.

    However, this did not extinguish the fire of the Holy Spirit burning inside him since the fire was unquenchable and hence continued to burn.

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi Zion Prayer Ministry

    Despite becoming firmly established in a flourishing cable business, he remained dissatisfied and unhappy.

    He went about his business as usual until one fateful morning when he heard a powerful voice booming into his ears that he had the anointing of the Holy Spirit running down his head (with the bible text Isaiah 61:1) telling him to close his company and go into full-time evangelism.

    Because his family was hostile, following this directive was difficult and exhausting. Unfortunately, that happened, and ZPMO was created.

    Since its beginning, hundreds of people from all over the world have come to worship, and many miracles and testimonials are recorded on a regular basis. Discrimination based on denomination has no influence on his mandate or anointing.

    He treasures his calling to bring forth the uncompromising word of God, and the blessing bestowed upon his life has benefitted so many incalculably.

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi Age

    The founder of the Zion Paryer Ministry, Evang. Ebuka Obi was born on the 16th day October in the mid 80s. Unfortunately the exact year of birth is not known. However, evidence has it that he was born in the 80s. Ebuka Obi of Zion Ministry marks his birthday on the 18th of October every year.

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi age

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi parents 

    Evangelist Ebuuka was born into a staunch Rooman catholic family of Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs Vincent Obi of Ubulu-Ihejifor in Oru-West L.G.A Imo State, Nigeria.

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi twin

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi of the Zion Ministry has a twin brother named Engr. Chinweike Ehiemeziem Obi. Further details about Ebuka Obi’s twin is currently not available.

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi twin

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi wife

    Is Evangelist Ebuka Obi married?

    Who is the wife of Evangelist Ebuka Obi?

    The spiritual director of theZion Prayer ministry, Evangelist Ebuka Obi is currently not married.

    According to him, from the age of 12, he was advised not to have sex until marriage and from then, he started abstaining and keep away from women while also preparing himself to serve God and that made him to keep totally away from opposite sex.

    According to Ebuka in an interview with a popular Nollywood actor Sylvester Madu, he grew up with the mindset of  not  getting married. However, his spiritual director/ mentor, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka advised him to get married which he accepetd. He therefore said he is seriously praying to God to give him his destined wife.

    He further said that he is hoping that God will show him his wife before 31st December 2022 night.

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi Children

    Evangelist obi of the zion ministry is not yet married and thus has no child currently.

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi Ministry

    Evangelist Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi is the founder of Zion Prayer Ministry Outreach (ZPMO). Zion Prayer Movement Outreach (ZPMO), a non-denominational prayer ministry, located at Ago-Okota, Lagos, Nigeria. The ministry came into existence in 2009 after Evang. Chukwuebuka had an encounter with divinity. The Holy Spirit had told him he was anointed to bring the good news to the poor, heal the broken hearted, release the captives and set prisoners free.

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi Zion pictures

    The name ZPMO was given by the Holy Spirit to the group of persons who associated with Evang. Chukwuebuka. This group, a handful of persons (about 11 of them) went to desert with him for prayers.

    Some of the Zion Prayer Ministry Outreach videos

    Evangelist Ebuka Obi Contact number

    You can contact Evangelist Ebuka Obi and the Zion Prayer Ministry Outreach through any of the below mentioned contact details:


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