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Final Warning End Times Message – Dr. David Jeremiah

    End Times Message Dr. David Jeremiah : The senior Pastor of Shadow Mountain Commuinity Church and the founder of Turning point Ministry, Dr David Jeremiah shares this wonderful and special message titled ”Final Warning End times message”.

    In this message , Dr David Jeremiah stressed the need for every Christian to prepare him or herself for the end time. He admonished us to live our lives everyday as if that day is the last day.

    The Second coming of Christ is at a time unknown to any man. However , it is near. Be ready at all times to go with the Lord. Prepare yourself, and be ready for rapture at all times.

    Kindly watch this special End time message by Dr David Jeremiah and mediatate on the word of God herein.

    May God bless his words in our heart through Christ our Lord.

    Credit : Dr David Jeremiah youtube

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