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Elevation Church Sunday Service July 31 2022

    Elevation Church Sunday Service July 31 2022: You are divinely invited to today’s Sunday Live Service at Elevation church with pastor Steven Furtick.

    This is a special and unique service you would love to be part of as it is filled with wonderful praises and worships as well as inspiring sermon by pastor Steven Furtick.

    You can stream Pastor Steven Furtick Live Sunday Service from anywhere around the world.

    Kindly join today’s service and be filled with the word of God and the blessings that come with it.

    Teaching about your thoughts on Instagram, Elevation Church wrote:

    “Your thoughts may feel like they are out of control, but remember, you have the Holy Spirit within you. He gives you the power to send your train of thought in a new direction.”

    Video Credit: Elevation Church YouTube

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