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Elevation Church Sunday Service August 14 2022

    Elevation Church Sunday Service August 14 2022 : You are welcome to today’s Sunday live service at Elevation Church on August 14 2022 with Pastor Steven Furtick and it is a service that will be filled with praise, worship and a great sermon. Steven Furtick who is the senior pastor of Elevation Church and a well known Bible Teacher has changed the lives of many people in and around the United States of America through his teachings and lifestyle.

    Inviting everyone to this Sunday service and the Block Party, Elevation Church took to Instagram to write:

    “BLOCK PARTY is here! 🎉 Join us today at one of our locations to celebrate what God had done through our church this summer. Bring a friend to church and stay for the celebration! See you there!”

    Also while teaching on Instagram about hope, Elevation Church wrote: “It’s never too late to turn from the things that bring destruction. There’s hope on the other side of your story. Are you willing to turn around and find it?”

    Kindly stream and join this Sunday live service at Elevation Church for August 14 2022 and as you join, may God meet you at your points of needs.

    Video Credit: Elevation Church YouTube


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