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Edinburgh Church Plans to Commemorate lives lost to Covid-19

    A church in Edinburgh has disclosed its plans to build a memorial to commemorate lives lost during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The church plan follows that an oval granite memorial will be situated at Liberton Kirk, Kirkgate, in a spot beside the main path through the Kirkyard to Liberton Cemetery and Liberton Brae, Edinburg News reports.

    John Young, the minister at Liberton Kirk, said the granite memorial will provide the community with a quiet space to remember ‘all those who suffered’ and those who lost their lives.

    “The pandemic impacted many different people in different ways, and we want to provide a quiet place of remembrance, especially for those who are still processing the loss of loved ones – both near and far. The oval granite memorial will remember all those who suffered during the pandemic, as well as those who died,” he said.

    Although the memorial won’t bear names, families can opt to honor their loved ones by having their names inscribed on brass plaques adorning nearby benches.

    It is hoped that it will be displayed on Sunday, May 12, 2024, which is close to the first anniversary of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) official declaration that COVID-19 is no longer a global pandemic.

    The church intends to continue holding a brief memorial service in May each year in honor of those who have passed away.

    The church has launched a Just Giving page in hopes of raising £8000 to fund the memorial. Any surplus funds raised will be directed towards supporting the CrossReach care homes under the administration of the Church of Scotland.

    Edinburgh is home to the first memorial in Scotland dedicated to NHS staff who worked through Covid-19. Four life-sized statues of healthcare workers in scrubs now stand in the grounds of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

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