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Easter Sunday Service At Hillsong Church April 17 2022

    Easter Sunday Service At Hillsong Church April 17 2022 : In the Spirit of teh Easter celebration we are happy to bring to you this special Easter Sunday service at Hillsong Church Australia today 17th April 2022 with Pastor Phil Dooley and it is a service you will love to be part of.

    Brian Houston, the founder of Hillsong Church and a well known teacher of the Bible has transformed the lives of many people in and around Singapore, the United States of America and Australia through his sermons. He has however resigned as the senior pastor of the Church.

    Inviting everyone to this Sunday live service, Hillsong Church took to YouTube to write:

    “Jesus is Alive! Welcome to Easter 2022 at Hillsong Church.
    We invite you to join our Easter Sunday Experience with our online community, engage in the worship with Hillsong worship team & hear a powerful message from Pastor Phil Dooley.

    This Easter holiday we hope to point our attention to Jesus, prepare our hearts in devotional to recognize what His has done for us, and remember the promises of our Lord and Saviour.”

    Watch and learn from this “Easter Sunday Service At Hillsong Church April 17 2022” as we bring the latest Easter messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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