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Dutch Sheets : Biography, Books , Net worth and Give him 15


    DUTCH SHEETS is an internationally known conference speaker, pastor and author. He  is a messenger of hope for America, encouraging believers to contend for awakening in our day and reformation in our lifetime. He has written many books, including Authority in Prayer and his bestseller Intercessory Prayer. Dutch travels extensively as a guest lecturer in various venues. He is fervent in empowering believers for passionate prayer and world-changing revival. Dutch is the senior pastor of Freedom Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He and his wife, Ceci, their two daughters and three dogs make their home at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

    Dutch Sheet

    Dutch Sheets (the founder of Dutch Sheets give him 15) was born to Rev. Lloyd Dean sheets and Jodie sheets on the 10th March 1954 which makes him 67 years (2021), He has two siblings, a sister Deana sheets and a brother Tim sheets.

    Dutch Sheets is a very popular pastor, public speaker and author.  He is known nationally and internationally. He is popular for his “give me 15” program which he founded, he is the pastor of Freedom Church in Colorado Springs. Initially, pastor Dutch taught in bible colleges, he also taught in seminaries and because he is a great man with a lot of bible knowledge and more, he was a part of the directors of many organizations he is setting up gathering for the worshiping of God. Pastor Dutch sheets is also known for going around the globe and leading prayers, He was recently appointed executive director of Christ for the Nations Institute.

    Dutch Sheet Give Him 15


    Dutch sheets is married to his wife Ceci Sheet who is currently 64 years old she was born on Oct 31, 1956 and they have been married for over 40years. Pastor Dutch sheets hobbies includes quiet walks in the woods and reading. One of his favorite sports is golf, he enjoys playing golf. He lives with his wife in South Carolina. Together, Dutch and Ceci have 2 grown daughters, and a wonderful grandson. They also own three dogs which they enjoy taking a walk with.


    According to, Dutch sheets net worth is approximately $216  million United States Dollars. His source of income ranges from the sale


    “The give him 15” is a form of prayer and devotional program, in which Dutch sheets teaches us on various topics that helps improves our Christian lives as individuals and as a community. He makes us understand that prayer is an important and powerful weapon for us Christian believers, he teaches us daily in the give him 15 how to use this weapon in overcoming the plots of the evil ones on your life and that of your family.


    His teachings are an amazing source of inspiration to a lot of people and their families; it is also a great source of inspiration to the church.

    The “give him 15” has an app suitable for iPhones, ipads, androids and many more.



    The Showdown | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Sheets

    Dutch says that the current show down is all about government changing and God returning to his rightful position, its also about the apostolic, the prophetic and the kings ecclesia, engaging to bring that to pass. The Holy Spirit is anointing his ecclesia with favor and people from across the nation, will follow them in reestablishing god’s rightful place. He said Ahab and jezebel type of Government are going to experience the fire of God. in this time of shaking, good is happening, so if you are feeling disjointed in this shaking time, return to God, he knows how to put you together. a breath wind is blowing all across the nations to revive.

    PERSEVERE! | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Sheets


    Dutch sheet talks about perseverance, he said If we are to receive the answers to our prayers, we would require patience.  Do not give up hope when you pray to God, you have to be steadfast, for he will only grant you your desires at the right time, which will always be perfect for you. It is possible to ask God for something and not get it because we wavered in the waiting period.  we need perseverance in our intercession, we must stay the course.

    Stay The Course | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Sheets

    Dutch sheets tells us that in this unsettling time, it id important that we stay the course. We are on a holy mission and we must not be distracted by the chaos. We are writing history and it requires diligence to ensure it is the kind of history the Holy Spirit wants. We are an extra people for this time. If we persevere Haman will fail. Do not abort the mission of God, what is ahead might make you feel like you need to abort the mission, but the lord says, we should believe in the love he has for us, his love will carry us through unscathed if we can stay on the course. It is dangerous to go off the course because Gods love, peace and grace is on the course

    Who Will Write the Next Chapter | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Sheets

    We in America are currently receiving the same offer that Christ was giving Jerusalem, he is giving is an opportunity to return to him and to the blessing of his loving care. His desire is to demonstrate that righteousness; not money, power or pleasure exalts a nation. Jesus is knocking on America’s door asking, will you receive me back as your shepherd and bishop, allowing me to cover protect and lead you? Ultimately, it will be the church that answers those questions because we are Gods people and as long we say yes and keep saying yes to God’s question, we would be saved as a nation.


    Using History As Our Weapon | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Sheets

    The scripture teaches us that generations are connected with both blessings and curses, just like Adams sin was passed on to us from generation to generation. God sees the generational connection so literally that he makes a promise knowing it won’t be fulfilled until a future generation. For too long, we Christians have viewed accounts of the past moves of God as history, but we haven’t thought of them as something that we can agree with in prayer, connect to or draw power from, we never thought of them as our story. Our shortsighted reasoning has stolen from us the synergy of the ages; we have not put ourselves in the story line. Since we do not typically agree with past movements or prayers. When we read the bible we should look at it as our history and draw strength from it.




    -Don’t doubt it

    -The master key

    -He started it he will finish it

    -Keys of authority

    -It’s all going to happen



    Dutch Sheet is a popular and bestselling author who has written a lot of life changing and inspiring books. The sale of books constitutes a greater part of his income in addition to incomes from his social media platforms . Below are some of Dutch Sheets books

    • Intercessory Prayer
    • Watchman Prayer
    • The Pleasure Of His Company
    • The Power Of Hope
    • Role Away Your Stone
    • Second In Command
    • Authority In Prayer
    • The River Of God
    • Praying Through Sorrows
    • Moving Heaven




    • It is possible to acknowledge weaknesses while walking in genuine faith.
    • Our attentiveness to the Father is equally as important as the Father’s attentiveness to us.
    • Don’t embrace any theology or creed that allows God to lose!
    • God is eavesdropping on us, waiting for us to speak a few words to Him.
    • God is never so preoccupied that He is not really listening to you.
    • You were made to dream and you must dream—both for yourself and for God. God is the Author of your dreams, but you’re an outlet for His.
    • Our actions and attitudes in the chronos times of preparing, sowing, believing and persevering are what determine whether G
    • God wants us to be on such intimate terms with Him that it produces bold, confident and effective intercession
    • Where there is no communication from God, the people perish.
    • God helps watchmen by pointing out what needs to be seen and heard to aid the growth and health of a church.




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