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Dr. Dharius Daniels sermon: Win From Within

    Dr. Dharius Daniels sermon Win From Within: Romans chapter 12 verse number six Paul says this; he says we have different gifts according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying then prophesy in accordance with your faith, if it is serving then serve, if it is teaching then teach, if it is to encourage then give encouragement, if it is giving, then give generously, if it is to lead do it diligently, if it is to show mercy do it cheerfully.

    Dr. Dharuis Daniels said, you have an invisible intangible, evil enemy that the bible calls Satan and his primary passion is to inhibit you, from experiencing life as God intended. Jesus corroborates this claim in john 10 verse 10, when he says the thief comes to steal, to kill and to destroy but he didn’t put a period there because he wasn’t finished, he put a comma and never put a period where God places a comma, he put a comma there and said but i have come, he said but I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.

    In no uncertain terms Jesus elucidates, the intention of the enemy he wants to steal, he wants to kill and he wants to destroy your life. in order for this to be more than just something we articulate but in order for it to be something that we experience, we must be aware of what’s in the enemy’s arsenal, because it’s very difficult for you to win a battle over an enemy if you are unaware of what’s in their arsenal and the scriptures are clear.

    the enemy attempts to disrupt and destroy our lives in a plethora of ways but the primary weapon in his arsenal is the weapon of ignorance, ignorance is a weapon of mass destruction. The prophet Hosea says God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, what you don’t know can hurt you as a matter of fact the tent maker from tarsus the one who wrote this passage here in the book of romans says, if we are ignorant of Satan’s devices, then he gets an advantage over us and the enemy wants us to operate in the realm of ignorance.

    This is why he is called the prince of darkness; darkness is not just a metaphor for evil darkness is a metaphor for ignorance. We say someone is in the dark when they are unaware of something and the enemy wants you to walk around in the dark because you are more prone to injury when you are operating in the dark, you may stub your toe, you may run into something, you may cut yourself and many people keep running into things in life because they are operating in ignorance but the devil is upset that you made it to kingdom church today because what God’s going to do is he is going to flip the light switch on and help us navigate our way to his kingdom and the place he has kept for us.

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