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Dr. DeeDee Freeman: Leaning On The Prince Of Peace In Hard Times | Better Together TV

    Dr. DeeDee Freeman Leaning On The Prince Of Peace In Hard Times : Hee is another interesting and educative teaching session on the Better Together TV by Dr. DeeDee Freeman titled ”Leaning On The Prince Of Peace In Hard Times”. This is a teaching session filled with words of encouragement and life helpful lessons that you would love to listen to.

    This week on Better Together, Dr. DeeDee Freeman leads a refreshing conversation about leaning on Jesus in times of trouble. Join the conversation as Stephanie Ike, Laurie Crouch, Robyn Wilkerson., and Jeannie Munsey discuss the Prince of Peace and the comfort He brings everyday!

    Kindly watch / listen to this teaching/conversation on Better Together TV  and take advantage of the plenty lessons.

    Video credit: Better Together TV

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