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Saturday 5pm Service with Dr David Jeremiah

    Dr David Jeremiah Saturday 5pm Service September 17 2022 : 

    Watch and stream Dr David Jeremiah Saturday 5pm Live service at Shadow Mountain Community Church. This is a service you would love to be part of.

    In a world of bad news, Christians are to be the GOOD news! Join us as Pastor Jeremiah shares a new message about spreading the gospel.

    Keep being your best. Stay faithful where you are. Don’t despise the small things. Those small acts of service are leading to the big things God has in store.

    If we’re asking God for something and don’t get it, then we have to believe God knows more than we do. We need to trust God beyond what we see and beyond what we know. We cannot have peace without that trust in God

    Kindly Join this special service and be filled with the powerful and life changing words of God.

    Video Credit : Shadow Mountain Community Church Youtube.

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