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Dr. David Jeremiah Daily Devotional July 21 2023.

    The theme for today’s Turning Point daily devotional by Dr. David Jeremiah is ”The Painting Found” and it is a message designed for today’s spiritual growth and enhancement.

    Historian Patricia Millen was working on a book about images depicting Washington’s crossing of the Delaware when she saw a reference to a lost painting. George Harding’s mural had once hung in Trenton’s opera house, which was torn down in 1969. Millen finally found the huge painting stored in the basement of another building. A conservator carefully unrolled the painting. It showed signs of damage and mold, but it’s not only salvageable—it can also be restored and proudly displayed.1

    Many people feel forgotten, as if the painting of their life is rolled up and wasting away in a basement somewhere. Not true! Perhaps you’ve had a rough patch, or maybe you feel you’ve committed sins God cannot forgive. Don’t underestimate His grace. He is the divine Conservator and Restorer. The blood of Christ will dissolve the mold, restore the colors, and make your life beautiful.

    No matter the sins of the past or the sins we will commit in the future, we can rejoice because God’s grace covers all our sin.

    The Son of God alone can restore us to God, for He shed His blood to cleanse our sins and give us new life. 
    Watchman Nee

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